ECS K7S6A and DDR333 for Athlon

This is the only mobo to use the SiS745 chipset which supports DDR333 for Athlon. However, I have a question, is there any point in giving Athlon 333Mhz DDR RAM when it's FSB can only reach 266Mhz? Surely it would continue sending data at only 266Mhz and therefore not utilising the extra 67Mhz?

Basically I'm asking because I'm making myself a new rig and I want to know if it's worth waiting for the ECS K7S6A so I get the DDR333 support, or whether I should just go ahead and get an Athlon on the Soltek DRV75 board?

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  1. The chipset should easily support 166MHz FSB (DDR333), if you wish to use an overclocking utility or modified BIOS for overclocking.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. You would have the option to run your memory asynchronously, ala 133/166. As to the benefit of this I don't think it will be much. It does however open up some interesting options if you mod your chip and run it at 166/166. I am curious to see what ECS has learned from there hugely succesful k7s5a and if they improve withthe next board. However, ECS will not be the only player this time around, Epox among others also have boards with this chipset in the works.

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  3. yeah, msi, and abit were supposed to have sis735 boards in the works too...well see if they can actually go through with falling away from via for once!


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  4. yes, i'd like to see if ECS can keep the RMA numbers down this time around too. but then again i'm sure theres quite a few like me that will never touch an ecs again because of the previous experience.

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