MSI-6330 and 1.4GHz DDR Athlon


I have MSI-6330 mother board (VIA KT-133 chipset).
It supports atleast 1.4GHz cpus. However I was wondering
if it was possible to put a cpu which supports DDR memory.

There two types of Athlon CPUs out there, conventional
socket A cpus which work with SDRAM memory and those newer
Athlons that support DDR SDRAM memory. So can one put DDR
Athlon into one of those old plain SDRAM mother boards?
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  1. No. The kt133 chipset runs at 100 fsb (for 200 athlons). All xp athlons run at 133 fsb, so even with a bios upgrade, an xp would still run underclocked.
  2. It can be done yes. Would I advise it? NO. Check with your MSI to see waht bios updates are available. Your best bet might be a morgan core DURON for this board.

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