Need help IPX protocol fried my Power supply 2x

OK here's the setup.

MSI K7T-Pro 2A Ms 6330 with Athlon 900mhz, 512 megs of Micron pc133 SB Live Value, GeF 2 32meg, Intel Lan card.

Was running a 300watt power supply. Installed Warcraft 2 and needed to install IPX protocol to play the game, already had tcp/ip. After installing the IPX on restart the computer freezes and gives black screen "windows protection error, will need to reboot" I can't reboot without powering off at the power supply and I can't power down on the switch. Took me a while but I figured drivers somewhere must be shot. Safe mode did the same thing and only every 5 or so tries do I even get to windows. Tried running a full memory test and the computer freezes there and even soemtimes in the bios window. That's when I think it's the power supply. I put the old 250watt in and reinstall windows and everything works great.

So I figured it was a fluke. I buy Red Alert 2 and go to install IPX protocol and sure enough the same exact thing happened. <b>HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THIS??</b> I'm stumped and have no idea how a protocol could fry a power supply.

Anything and everything would be helpful.

Cheers and thanks.
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  1. this is so wierd man.
    check to see if its LAN card related. try installing a different lan card.
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