Routing Cable TV Over the Internet

Anyone know how to route Cable TV over the internet? I am an expat living abroad, I desparately want to watch TV from my home country. I know I need two high speed internet connections (one in my home country and one in the country I am residing in now) a TV card, and a cable TV connection.

Will I be able to change the channels and everything?

Is there anywhere on the internet I can go to to read more about this and learn how to set it up?

Can anyone please enlighten me?


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  1. I dont think your cable providor will be too happy!!
    All i can suggest is use a card with video in, and record from tv, then stream or upload it.

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  2. It would be for my eyes only, so the cable company shouldn't be too upset, I won't be re-broadcasting it.

    Is there anyway to view it live or time shift it so it is only slightly delayed?

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  3. I done that using netmeeting with the video input from the tvtuner. You can use remote desktop sharing to change the channels

  4. Misu,

    How was the quality? What resolution? Could you output to another TV if you wanted to? Was it choppy with lost frames?


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  5. well the other computer was on a dialup connection so no '150 frames/sec' there but I had an idea about what's on the screen.

  6. this may be what your looking for <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>

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