U.S. actions 'appall' family of slain al-Qaida blogger

U.S. actions 'appall' family of slain al-Qaida blogger

The Charlotte family of Samir Khan, the al-Qaida propagandist killed in a U.S. airstrike Friday, ended its silence Wednesday night.

In a statement, the family cast the 25-year-old Khan as a "law-abiding" U.S. citizen who was assassinated by an American government that has not "contacted us with any news about the recovery of our son's remains (or) offered us any condolences."

"As a result," the family added, "we feel appalled by the indifference shown to us by our government."


It's okay. JSOC wrote "You have the right to remain silent" on the Hellfire missile that blew him into tiny bits. As far as an apology goes how about, "We are sorry that you son declared himself a traitor to America, joined al-Qaeda and promoted violent jihad against innocents around the globe."

The "law-abiding" U.S. citizen Samir Khan, who was born in Saudi Arabia, met his demise along with Anwar al-Awlaki while cruising (fleeing) around the Yemeni desert on Sept 30 with two other al-Qaeda buddies.
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  1. justice = Death
    Regardless of what he did he still had a family and siblings that cared for him.

    Is it easy to put down a dog you raised from a puppy when he bites someone?
  2. Good riddance to the dirt bag and the dirt bag family that raised him. More drone missle attacks please and why we are at it deploy one on the U.N. HQ what a waste of space that is....americans are worried about a mosque being built next to ground zero when they have something worse already there which harbours more terrorist than any mosque can......the U.N. :)
  3. Canada + US +Britian= "winning" ;)
  4. wanamingo said:

    Regardless of what he did he still had a family and siblings that cared for him.

    So did the 3000 people who died on September 11.

    More of my thoughts here:
  5. This one is going down the toilet rapidly ... I sense a reference to Hitler being typed as I close this.
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