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The Dr office I work in is networked and we all have administrative rights. The physician asked me to find out why when he access a patient file from the host pc on his client pc it does not give him the full file. The files he is trying to access are mutli-paged TIFF files that were scanned into the folder from the host. It either states image cannot be displayed or it only shows him the first page. I check my client pc and I can access the files just fine. I do not now where to start to resolve this. I checked the host to make sure sharing and security was set correctly. It is set at R, W, F/C so I am assuming it must on his pc? That doesnt make sense to me though. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Sound like is the app that he use to access the TIFF files.
  2. +1 to rgd1101. What application do you use to display the tiff? Windows picture viewer has some problems with multipage tiff sometimes, but at least you can flip through the pages. If you don't use a special viewer so far, try
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