AMD 8150 and win 7/8 updates

Hello,wondering if anyone has heardanything new about the 8150 and updates for windows 7?also has windows 8 configure the 8150 to work better and efficiantly?cant seem to find anything about it.did they just give up on the 8150?
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  1. yes, all of the FX processors from AMD are going to experience about a 10% jump in performance when windows 8 comes out, but that's about it.... as the FX processors are generally marketed towards gaming i guess its not really going to help very much in multi threaded applications thus meaning the 8 and 6 core FX processors wont see much of an increase compared with the quad core line of processors (FX 4xxx). I would expect that the FX 4170 will benefit the most from win 8 but i cant bee to sure without looking at some benchmarks.
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