Is 55c CPU temp too hight on a SL-75DRV2?

Is 55c CPU temp too hight on a SL-75DRV2?
When using programs that uses heaps of CPU power, it goes up to 65c.

The CPU is a AMD Athlon 1700+, nothing is overclocked with CPU fan rotating at 5400+rpm (thermal paste is used), and two chasis fans.

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  1. Dude! We need more info.

    What kind of cooler are you using? Is it approved by AMD? How warm is your climate? If you are living around the equater, I must say that is pretty much the average but you could bring it down more.

    Remember. Heat is your CPU's worst enemy.. KEWL IT DOWN..


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  2. I wish I knew as well. I have two computers with 1900+ on an Asus A7V266-E, and the average temp is around 57c-58c using a Volcano 6c. I tried re-thermal pasting one 3 times (I've done this a thousand times) and that's just the temp it wants to run at. I get no lockups whatsoever, so I have just accepted it.

  3. As long as you don't get lockups or random reboots, you should be fine.

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  4. Well, my computer does crash when I run programs that uses heaps as CPU power. Eg. When I play games, the games locks up after about 10 minutes, and when I reboot and checks the temp, it goes up to 65c-66c. If I just stay in Windows using everyday office programs, the computer can run for hours without a single crash.
  5. Hi Ron,

    You never had lock ups? How high does your CPU become when your CPU is running in full load? 68c?

    I realised that the thermal paste doesn't really do much. I tried to re-pasting it heaps of times too :(((
  6. Hi SMilley,

    Well, I brought the CPU Cooler from Taiwan along with all my other components. Not too sure if it's recommended by AMD but I can give you some details of the cooler.

    SIZE: 75x63x54mm
    Material of the heatsink: Aluminium
    Size of CPU Fan: 60*60*20mm
    Rotate speed: 5400rpm

    The sales told me it's a decent cooler and it's used for an AMD XP 1800+, and would certainly cool it down for a XP 1700+.

    I am living in Australia, summer here but the room temp is relatively cool, around 22c.

    If possible, please recommend me some CPU fan /w heatsink and how to get them.

    Many thanks.
  7. You may want to try and smooth the bottom of the HS if it is rigid. 68C is warm, but according to AMD the chip should handle up to 90C I think they say. If your getting lock-ups, maybe you cpu is hotter than it is saying. You say that the thermal paste isn't doing anything? Only apply a very thin layer, thiner than a piece of paper. Also, make sure the case is cool, or the HS/Fan can't do their job. If you can monitor the case temp, let us know what it says.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  8. Hi Booky,

    How can I monitor the case temp? There are two temp readings in BIOS, one for the CPU and the other one is for a thermal probe that came with my mainboard which I can place it to measure the temp of whatever device I desire.

    Many thanks.
  9. sometimes the heatsink itself is not manufactured well, so there will be a gap between the touching point and there will be a slop, maybe this is the problem so you have to change your heatsink.

    by the way, did you remove the sticker which placed on the contact point between the cpu and the heatsink? there is a sticker should be removed before installing.

    maybe the voltage did not set correctly, you should the jumber on the board to supply 1.75v (refer to the manual).

    check your room temp again, and be sure there is a good vantilation around the case check the rpm of your fan in the bios and windows (via smart guardian).

    i am using the same board and cpu with cooler master DP5-6IC1 and getting 43-45c idel and 51C full load (running burn in test program for 15 minutes) and the room temp is about 26.

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  10. Hi blue_heart,

    I suspect it's a poor heatsink as well. The fan shouldn't be a problem since my bro's computer is running pretty much the same spec as mine except his fan is rotating at 4500+rpm and mine is at 5400+rpm (and his CPU is at 42c idle).

    On the soltek board, I get the switch so it detects the voltage automatically. Did you set it manually or leave it as default (automatic).

    As for the sticker on the bottom of the heatsink, I don't remember if it came with a sticker. Also, I don't think there was one when I placed the thermal paste.

    There is good news though. I added two chasis fans and the temp is drop from 55c-56c idle to 52c idle, and 59c-60c at full load. I still think I need to lower it even more though.
  11. remember if you did not remove the sticker from the heatsink then you will face this problem.

    for the voltage i set it manually at 1.75

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  12. No, the hotest my CPU gets is 58c-59c under heavy usage. I'm using an Asus A7V266-E and a Vulcan 6c cooler. I heard that some people were getting temps closer to 38c, so I got worried and tried to re-thermal paste one. Did it 3 times with the exact same results. I've pasted many many CPU's so I'm sure it's done correctly, and that's the temp I get. My case temperature is around 40c, but I leave that side of the case open since the noise doesn't bother me and it seems to stay cooler that way. I guess the biggest thing is that I don't get any lockups, even when playing heavy duty games such as Everquest (uses DirectX 8.1), either using T&L or not. It's been totally stable so far.

    BTW to test that you have good heatsync contact with the CPU, you can try monitoring the temperature, and pressing the heatsync against the CPU slightly. If after a few minutes, you can get the temperature to consistantly go down, it means you have improper contact causing bad thermal transfer. DO NOT PRESS THE HEATSYNC VERY HARD AT ALL! Those AMD processors will break with too much pressure. But it's a good test to see how well your contact is between CPU and heatsync.

  13. I'd never used that "thermal tape" before with a cooler, so I wasn't quite sure if I should use thermal compound in addition to it. Yes, I got that the paper needed to be removed as well, considering it said "REMOVE ME!" on it ;). I looked up the thermal tape and it appeared to say that it's used INSTEAD of thermal compound. I was still worried and tried one with just thermal tape and one where I removed the tape all together and used just thermal compound. I achieved the exact same results with both coolers. So I'm assuming the tape replaces compound, correct?

  14. Dear pk,

    After seeing your measurement of your HSF dimensions, I dont' believe it's manufactured by Coolermaster.

    I am currently using a cooler by the name of Dr Thermal and the model number is TI-V77L. I believe it's a very good cooler as it has a copper core, quiet fan and cools very much better than a noisier copper HSF combination.

    Check that out. As for where to get it.. If you are plannign to get it from one of those online store.. do a search for the model number and you can read up the reviews first then decide if you wantta get it from your search.


    <b>Assumptions are the MOTHER of all screw ups</b>
  15. yea that is pretty running a 1900+ overclocked to 2100+ at 1.825v and I only reach about 44C at full load .........unoverclocked im at about using a taisol hsf with artic sliver II thermal compund with five case circulation is a least have one fan blowing through the case and one will make a diff...
    recommended fans:....taisol, silverado, swiftech..

  16. computerboy

    sorry for being late in reply

    actually i never used thermal compound and i assume that all heatsinks are comning with the pad so i do not know why the thermal compound is using since the pad is exist, maybe someone will tell us why? or maybe some heatsinks come without the pad? i do not know

    but for me i rmoved the sticker from the pad and installed it and i am getting about 46c normal use (ms word , internet, outlook express) and 51-53 heavy load (running burn in test programs) and the room temp is about 28-30c with 2 case fans (intake and exhaust) but when the room temp lowers to 22 +-2 i get normal 43.
    i am not happy with the coolermaster and will keep looking for something better but i have no other choice.

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
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