Asus manual, I smell fear!

Hi all

I'm going to try and flash my bios, last time I did it using the asus live update thing it died on me. Now going with the aflash and see.

I'm going to follow instructions from my mobo's manual (A7V133), is it reliable or missing something I should know?

Got the floppy ready, files on it are..
aflash.exe, avu1007.awd (new bios), drvspace.bin, lo.sys, msdos.sys
Am I missing something, or remove something?

I'm scared, takes 2-3 weeks to get mobo back (again). Think I seen something about shorting out something after update, is it a must and is it the CLRTC solder points to clear CMOS? Also do I have to format and reinstall everything? Just in case.

Thanks for the help!

(going to walk the dog and see what people got to say, then crossin fingers and toes while doing flash...)
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  1. Nevermind, did it and it's good. Not sure about redoing hard drive, anyway it's all good.

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  2. Just follow the instructions from your mobo's manual (A7V133) and everything should be all good.

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