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I can't find any P4 mobo with USB 2.0 and ATA-133 supports. For instance, Asus P4T-E supports only USB 1.1 and ATA-100. Should I wait?
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  1. no look at this : ( has Raid too )


    <b><font color=blue>Computers run on smoke, I let the smoke out of mine and it quit working </b> </font color=blue>
  2. check out the new Gigabyte 8IRX series...
    ATA133, + USB2.0, dual bios.... a really sweet piece of engineering
  3. I checked the website It did not say anything about ATA133 and USB 2.0.
  4. Haha, I am looking for those MB too, I find two now:

    MSI(845d) -> MSI 845 Ultra-ARU
    Soyo(sis645) -> SY-P4S Dragon Ultra

  5. what do you mean? i am looking at it right now....
    it's the 8iRXP, 8ISRX, 8IRX.... ATA133/RAID, USB2.0,
    really sweet, and the site is //
    not //
  6. Yes, and the 8iRXP(845d)
  7. Found it. Thanks. It looks great. Was there any review written for this mobo? I have experience only with Asus and Abit, how's Gigabyte as a brand?
  8. One more question for Gigabytes mobo, is there any adjustment of FSB in the BIOs, like Abit's Softmenu?
  9. :):):), well actually giga-byte is known for the easytune3 program and now they developped the flash somehting(i don't recall what's name was it)it's simple user friendly program to update bios and stuff.....and plus you have all those options inside the bios.
    giga-byte boards are very recommended and very stable, but a little bit more expensive...
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