Soyo Dragon+ IDE problem

I just built a system for the 1st time & I'm having a problem with the IDE/RAID connections & I'm not sure if it me or the board. The board is a Raid board, but I want to use the 4 IDE slots for my devices. The two main IDE slots work fine, but the others don't at all. I've checked the jumper & downloaded & installed the latest Bios, but they still don't work i.e. any device plugged into them is not read at start up.

I thought the problem was because I am running XP & the Promise XP driver is not correct, & will not install. But now I think the problem is with the board, any ideas?

Also, I keep having problems with programs that stop responding, like Norton anti-virus & Money 2002. What could be causing this?

My system:
Dragon + MB, AMD XP 1800, 512RAM, ATI All in Wonder 8500, 1 80MB & 1 40MB Seagate 7200 HD's. Running Windows XP

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  1. See if there is a jumper on the board that need to be set, or something in the bios. That's all I have on my board, but not the same board so no clue.

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