Soyo Dragon +

Just to make sure there is no confusion I am talking about the KT266A chipset.

I was wondering if anyone has bought this board that can tell me what they think, pros cons. Also how is the support of this company (Bios upgrades, and general customer support).

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  1. I've had this board about a month now. I sent an e-mail to them over a week ago & I still have not heard back. I tried to call them first, but I gave up after waiting 20 min. on hold. I think two of my IDE ports are bad, but I'm not sure if it's the drivers either. Over all I can't recommend it right now. But this is also the first time I have tried to build my own system, so it could be me too.

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  2. I have this board for about 2 months now and I love it. everithing is fine, run fast, and it is very very stable. This is the best system I ever build, owned.

    I run this board with An AMD XP1700+, the latest BIOS,an Ati Radeon 64DDR VIVO, a TEAC burner, LG DVD player, on-board sound (realy good,for on-board too), 2 X 256 megs of RAM and a IBM deskstar 40 Gigs HD. I've tried it with Win98SE, 2000 and XP and I still have to find something that wont run stable. In fact, I dont remember having crashed once since I installed and keep clean Win 2000 and XP (maybe one month, I spend the first month trying different drivers, progs, partition size, ...., so reinstalled so often the OS and drivers that I cannot remember how it was at first..)

    Hope that this info will help you.

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  3. Are you talking about the 2 yellow RAID connectors? if yes, then if you want to use them as non-raid connector, then you have to set a jumper on the board. Check your manual. Once the jumper is set, go in you BIOS and activate the onboard Promise IDE Raid, in SOYO combo feature. Take note that you have to enable the USB port each time you go in this menu. Then your drive should be recongnized by the system. But you have to have a HD connected there, not a CDROM or DVD, burner. These are ATA100 connector, so use ATA100 drive for best performance. If later you want to use the RAID function, you will have to set the jumper and follow the instructions in your manuel.

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  4. well its a pretty motherboard.

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  5. Thanks, that is it. I have done what you discribed, by connecting my second drive there, with out luck. I'll have to check it out one more time, but that is what I did. T

    Thank you, I forgot those were the ATA 100 connectors.

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  6. Is the drive you connected there was an ATA 100? If your boot drive is ATA100, try it there. I have to see a ATA66 working with those connector. You can boot from these connectors too. I have tried this setup once: My HD connected to one yellow connector, my DVD to the ATA66 and my burner to the ATA onboard (blue)connector and everithing was fine, except for longest boot time du to Promise BIOS shearching for drive.

    Do you see the black screen with 'Promise bios version...bla bla... and shearching for installed drive...'?

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  7. I've had it for a month and I love it. Rock solid, fast, easy to config. I think AMD may have finally hit a home run with the 266A

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  8. Hey guys,

    i got a question for this board. i had just received this today along with my xp 1700. my question is that retail box says that there is cpu temp monitoring through a thermal sensor. the problem is that i don't see it. is it suppossed to be like the one that is in the socket as in the abit kt7?

  9. I like: The thing won't crash, rock solid.
    I don't like: butt uggly sound software does any one knows if it can be replaced?
    Weird: mic-in is drowned in loud background noise. any one experienced this?
  10. FWIW, an experienced Athlon-system builder friend bought and exchanged 3 Dragon+'s at Fry's Electronics (in L.A.) before getting one that worked. Don't know if it's just coincidence, but the first 2 (bad) boards had a <b>'+' sticker</b> on the board whereas the <b>'+' was silkscreened</b> on the 3rd (good) one!
  11. The KT266a is a drop-in solution, so they could have been clearing out the last of their KT266 boards by slapping two KT266a chips on instead.

    How long was it between the three different boards?

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  12. Seems like you're a Soyo pro. I have a question to ask you if you dont mind giving your expertise out. When I bootup, I dont get video, I get a series of long beeps within an interval. That's all I'm getting. I didn't know that you have to connect your HDD to one of those yellow connectors. I thought HDD connects to IDE1 connector.
    Thanks in advance.
  13. humm! Try to reseat all you card, especialyth AGP. They are sometime tight to insert. Check if your memory in well seated and in slot 1 for the first. Slot 1 is written om the bord.

    If you still have trouble, then give me more indication on the post code, as how many beeps, and how long each.

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  14. I get a continuos beeps, each beep lasts for 2 to 3 seconds. I dont get anything on the screen either. When I apply Artic Silver II thermal compound on the CPU core, I accidently got a tiny bit of the compound on the CPU itself, just outside of the CPU core. Would that affect my CPU? Please help. THanks
  15. Quote:
    I get a continuos beeps, each beep lasts for 2 to 3 seconds.

    Your RAM is either bad or not fully seated. Try to reseat them. Make sure the DIMM's clips snap into RAM's notches (don't use too much force though).
    I accidently got a tiny bit of the compound on the CPU itself, just outside of the CPU core. Would that affect my CPU?

    Mine too but it's still working fine (TBird 1000C@1400MHz).

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  16. If it is 1 long beep and 3 short beeps, then it in the videocard. if it is continuous beeps, then it is memory. If you have 2 mem modules, try with just one. If it doesnt work, try the other one. As for the artic silver paste on your CPU, if it doen not contact with the bridge, then you should not have problem with that.

    Try to move the power connector in the motherboard connector. Some motherboard has problem with that too.

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  17. Thanks for your information khha4113 and Pat, you guys are awesome. I tried what you told me but it still beeps. I then bring it back to Fry's Electronics and have one of the tech take a look at it. He used his own memory and CPU and it still beeps then we swapped another motherboard and test it with my memory and CPU, this time it works, no more beeps. So it's a motherboard defect. Since Soyo Dragon Plus doesn't have an onboard video, I purchased an Xtasy 5864, 64MB DDR Memory, 175 MHz Processor Speed, 256-bit GPU, with nVidia g-force2 Ti technology, no video. Then I tried an Xtasy 5564 with nVidia g-force2 MX 400 technology, still no video, both are AGP cards. Both cards were installed correctly. Any suggestions or recommendations of video card that I should use for this motherboard?

    Thanks again guys.
  18. No video at all or you can see it boot and then loose the video when the os start to boot? because it should works with every video board you throw in there. A least, try with a PCI just to check if the board will boot. If you are able to go in the BIOS, check somewhere to see if the option 'assign int to VGA' or something like this is enable. Maybe some video board, like my ATI can works without interruption.But it looks like another bad board or you do something that kill your board when you put togheter your system.

    Just for your info, my system:

    dragon+ and amd 1700+
    2X256 megs RAM
    ATI radeon 64DDR VIVO
    IBM Deskstar 40 gigs
    TEAC 24x10x40x burner
    LG DVD drive

    All of this is working great, I've got only one Windows crash in one month with XP and it was today...And my fault!

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  19. The board boots fine, but no video at all. I get nothing when I turn on the PC, except for 2 words, "No Signal" on my monitor. I dont think I killed the board because I touch the case first to ground myself. My CPU and menory is working fine no more beeeps. Maybe I'll try the ATI Radeon and see what will happen. Thanks Pat.
  20. i want to get that board, maybe I will not....
  21. I have one and I like it alot. Remember that the people who come here to fix problems are probobly a very tiny fraction of the people who buy these boards. Two people with a problem doesn't mean you have a high chance of problems. I do recomend you buy any electronics from a store you can drive to and get help. Dealing with problems through the mail would certainly suck/
  22. Pat;

    Thanks, I'm a moron, I thought I only needed to enable the Promise raid in the BIOS if I was going to use it in the RAID config. I changed the BIOS & rehooked up the drives & everything is good. This system is very stable, not a single crash, even when I had the drives hooked up wrong.

    I couldn't come up with anything funny 8(
  23. I'm happy to hear good news from you. You maybe not a moron...Sometime, evident things are the hardest thing to troubleshoot, because we look at them without too much attention.

    enjoy your new toy!

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  24. Pat, you're 100% correct. I grounded the board, that's why I couldn't get any video. Prior to installing the board in the case, I screw some gold looking pins on the board to support the motherboard. I also screw the other one on, the one that looks like a the letter "A" where you squeeze it in inorder to hook it on the board. That little critter grounded the board causes the video not to come up. I took them out and whala, I've got video. I read about enabling RAID that the last person talked bout. What does RAID do and how do I go about enabling it? Thanks again for your advices. You da man.
  25. If you get the no video signal, then the problem is not with the board. I've done a small test. If I unplug my monitor from my computer, then I get the no signal message. I've removed my Radeon from my computer, and I've pluged the monitor in the card (still out of my computer) and the no signal disappeared from the screen. So maybe the problem is between the card and the monitor!

    So Try another monitor or another VGA cable.

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  26. SirAnthony
    I agree, email is slow but in my case it helps. It would be better if this forum has instance relay chat.
  27. What matter is that you fixed your problem and your board is running good. RAID...well to use it, you need two HD. You can do mirroring mode and stripping mode. Mirroring is simply to have one drive to keep a copy of the other, so if one physically crash, then you dont loose the data. This is a security option. The stripping modeis the most used mode for enthusiast. If you have two HD, then if you strip them then you will have one big HD that = the capacity of the smallest one time 2. If you have one 20 gigs and one 40 gigs, the your raid drive will be 40 gigs. If you have two 40 gigs, the you will have 80 gigs. But what make the concept interresting, is that the data is cut in half and each drive receive its part. so theorically it is supposed to be twice faster. If you have a 100 megs file, then each drive will receive 50 megs, so 50 megs is faster to transfer than a 100 megs file. In practice, it is not 2 times faster. Dont know how much it is either.

    How to activate it? well, you need 2 drives, set the jumper on the board, set the bios, and read at the end of your SOYO manual how to start it!

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  28. I'm about to throw this PC in the trash. Now when I bootup, I get one fast beep, then follow by a 3seconds beep and the system shuts down. I don't know what to do anymore. It was working earlier.
  29. Try tu push on the video card a little bit...if that doesnt work, then disassemble all your system, and take more care when you reassemble it. It must have something that is not a the right place or a bad connection or a short somewhere.

    Is the CPU fan working? if not, or if you connected it to the wrong fan header and the motherboard doesnt sense it turning, it will shut down the system. Protection feature.

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  30. I checked everything and I even chanced another motherboard, same brand. I've using volcano 7 which has a pad underneath the heatsink that acts like a compound. The video card is seated correctly and I even exchanged another video card. Could the CPU gets too hard? Do I need to remove the white insert from the AGP slot?
  31. What you can do is take some time to read your SOYO manual, because, there is something you are doing wrong. And do not remove the white insert unless you realy know about what you are doing and have an AGP pro card.

    you are sure you've connected the fan connector to the good connector and in the good orientation? If you are sure that the CPUfan is running when you power on your system, then hold the 'ins' key to bypass the fan sensor.

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  32. Can you give me some of your brain cells so that I won't be so STUPID?? CPU FAN1 and CPU FAN2 need to be connected. I only connect the heatsink fan's to CPU FAN1 and CPU FAN2 is open. So I plug the case fan to CPU FAN2 with heatsink fan being plugged into CPU FAN1, now it works. But the shittiest part is my CPU itself. I order Athlon XP 1900+ which is 1.6GHz. When I check my screen, it says 1200MHz, is that correct?
    Once again thank you and you're a genious.

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  33. How hot does your CPU run.
    Most online sources (Tom's hardware, Socket A, Linux, Hot Hardware and The Tech Report) have rated the Soyo Dragon plus as the best KT 266a motherboard. The only really negative comment was from SL central which mentioned that the CPU was running 10 degree C higher (at 48 degree C) than on a KT 133a board. For people running this motherboard due you see higher temp. Please note that Soyo has not yet been approved as a motherboard by AMD.
  34. @ Whiskeypete:

    Your CPU is 12*133FSB=1596Mhz (=XP 1900+), but you have to set your FSB to 133. Your CPU currently runs @1200Mhz because your FSB is set to 100 (Bios: CPU frequency select in Soyo Combo Feature --> 133).
  35. Eddilaurent is right. This is now just a simple BIOS setting...

    Dont give up!

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  36. Mine run between 38-42 degrees. An Athlon XP 1700+.
    Sure,I have a very well vented case, but most of the well built Athlon system I've seen run in this range.

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  37. Thank you very much EddieLaurent and Pat. I will do what you told me. Are you guys in the computer field or something near it? You guys are very knowledgeable especially Pat. Next task is to get a memory upgarde for my brain, not the computer.
  38. Nothing against anyone posting about the Dragon+, but if you have never built a PC before or have expierence building an AMD I suggest you get some info from the place you bought it like Frys or other PC store because they have expierence and they have to test the returns especially Frys. Some of those sales people only look dumb so its good to ask a few questions. Anyhoo, I bought my dragon+ last month and I asked the sales person how many dragon+ boards were returned and he stated about 40%, he also stated out of that 40%, 10% were truly bad breaking down the math that means 4 boards out of 100 were bad (lucky lot) so I bought the board and a 1800+ cpu, hooked it up configured it and it worked fine.

    The conclusion is, some of the Gamers that buy boards like these dont know what they are doing and there are some that do but luck is not on their side they try and save a buck by not getting an a "combo" or some type of preassembled configuration. Thats fine because in the end what I think really matters is that its fast and does not lockup. my $0.02
  39. Yes an asus geforce 2 and have the computer store install it for you.
  40. Thanks for all the advice.

    I just got my computer from I asked that they set up my Dragon+ in a RAID-0 configuration. I have two IBM Deskstar 60GB HDs. But, no RAID-0... I see two distinct hard drives, one with some of the space being used, the other totally blank.

    I'd like to set up RAID-0, but that would mean a lot for me! I'd have to open up the case, find out what IDE/RAID cords are, where they are going, what they are hooked up to, etc. Then I have to set jumpers... what are jumpers?! Are they easy to identify and set?? Then I have to figure out how to install the drivers. And figure out how to set the BIOS. and then figure out how to turn on the RAID.

    I have only opened computers to insert ram, and to switch out PCI cards. I'd like to have RAID-0, espcially since I have the controller and the two drives. But how realistic is it for me, and what if something goes wrong! I mean, my computer is working now, set up as a normal computer.

    I have Dragon+, 1900+, 512DDR, 2x 60GB, 52x CD, 10/16/40XCDRW, zip, v92 modem...


    "To thine own self be true"
  41. Before attempting to explain how to setup a raid drive, make sure that you have read and that you UNDERSTAND what is written in your SOYO manual, page 105 and up.

    Because, depending of the OS, you may have to install drivers in the OS installation, not after! and you will have to install it from scratch to to do raid stripping.

    After that, if you have other questions,come back and we will help you.

    It is not that is very hard, only that there is a lot of detail to think about your setup depending of what you want to do with it, as A/V editing, gaming, ...

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  42. I have some nice tools to do brain update, but every time I do it, my subject wont boot anymore.

    Still ready for the update?

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  43. I agree with you, ovrclkr. And out of the 4 boards that were bad, maybe some were good before someone attemp to put them in a case.

    building a computer is not hard. but it is not easy too. it is not just a matter of throwing the part in the case and turn the power on.

    If it is your first system, the first step is to do rechearch about the parts, their caracteristics. After, it is to read the manual that come with your parts and take notes about connectors, jumpers,.... then examine all the parts, especially the small one. All screw are not threaded the same. And now you can start to put the parts together, carefully watching for static, not grounding the board, ...

    I'm not really in the computer field. I'm a heavy construction equipement operator. But I like computers, and know them a lot because I've start in the times of Commodore VIC-20. Then, I've got a C-64, Amiga500, Amiga 1200, home built AMD 386 DX 40mhz, AMD 486DX 4/100mhz, Amiga4000, and my Amd XP1700+ I'm using right now.

    I remember trying to run games in DOS by trying to free at least 600K of base memory by editing autoexec.bat and config.sys by hand to move small resident programs in higher memory....

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  44. I'm always up for the upgrade :) The board is working great. Thanks for all your knowledge.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Whiskeypete on 01/15/02 11:56 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  45. Well I set up my system and it went together very smoothly.

    Dragon board
    AMD 1900+
    512 Corsair 2100
    Ganward ti200
    I was impressed with the layout of the Dragon board. Most of the connections were logical. I put it all together in about an hour and booted it to the bios. Everything thing was detected with out a problem. I have yet to install the OS. I will be interested to see how stable it really is.

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