Asus A7M266 with 1.4 GHz Athlon

I've got an Asus A7M266 with a 1.4 GHz Athlon. It won't run stable under 133MHz bus. If I do a BIOS update, will it be more stable? What causes the instability? (by unstable, I mean Windows 98SE crashes on startup)

Incidentally, is this motherboard a good motherboard? I'm trying to decide whether to return it because of the instability or dependability.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. There could be a memory fix in a newer version, so it's best to have the latest one. Check if your memory settings are not to high.

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  2. I also have the same problem. I have a Asus A7M266 with 256MB 266 DDR and a Athlon 1.33MHZ. I can't use it with 133MHZ bus. The computer crashes as soon as I run a 3D game, or sometimes it doesn't even boot. I checked my memory and it's a Hitachi with a model number supposedly supported, my graphics card is a ASUS 7700 Deluxe.
    I am currently running it at 100MHz bus (11GHz cpu) :( :
    a great waste of cpu and memory speed...
    Does anyone have any clue? Could my processor or memory be remarked ?

    PS: I have already updated my BIOS
  3. That's interesting. I'll let you know how it goes after I try to update the BIOS.
  4. well if we all sit down and use our heads, this is the third post i've seen people with the same problem. It seems like the a7a266 and the a7m266 can't run stable at 100mhz bus let alone a 133mhz. I think i'm going to send a email to asus with these posts linked to it, and mabye we can get some answers.

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  5. I got an 1400 on a Asus A7M266 on 133. And it works perfectly... But somtimes it goes down to 100... strange!! But it's just to change it..
  6. I'm about to purchase an Asus a7a266, with 256 Mb (133) and an AMD Athlon 1.3GHz.

    Now I'm afraid... Should I?
  7. i have two friends with a7a266 who have the same problems.
    I solve it by disabling the BY SPD settings in the bios and set ALL the settings of the ram to the lowest value.
    Cas 3...ect fast to normal and acceleration to disable.

    Now their computers works fine and stable.
    Before it was impossible to run at 133.

  8. amd has not approved that motherboard at all, return it,,30_182_869_1039^4046|58_1,00.html

  9. This was the best reviewed mobo when it came out. I didn't play my UT very well, so I hated it. I posted that on Price watch and got chewed out.
    I had a 1200 100MHz and updated the BIOS to accept 1400, though I never did get a 1400.
    But the board was very stable for me with Win98se, installing Windows and everything went very well. My kid used it to play games.
    I built a PC and gave it away with this mobo and 1200 100MHz gf2400, because it was so stable. They haven't had any problem with it, accept for trying to update windows. I came over and did it and it didn't give me any problems. But they don't stress it.
    Out side of it not playing UT very good for me I would say it's a good board. Don't know about the newer versions though.

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  10. bring to front

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  11. I haven't dealt with the A7M266 in close to a year. If memory serves me correctly the core voltage runs higher than what the BIOS reads. If you can get it to boot, check the temperature. I'll bet you it's running near 60 degrees C. If you can't get the core voltage down and get it to run cooler, send it back.

  12. Quote:
    But somtimes it goes down to 100... strange!! But it's just to change it..

    There is a note in its manual. It runs with <b>Safe mode</b> due to hang up or crash.

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  13. I have this board and have never had this type of problem with it.

    However, a nice FAQ was done on this board by a VERY knowledgeable person over at

    He had similar problems where it wouldn't run stable at default voltage settings (in particular - it wouldn't run 3d games/benchmarks). The solution was quite simple in his case, he just upped the voltage on the VIO and VIO1 jumpers. An important note is that the jumper diagram are upside down in the motherboard manual. (ie. they will confuse you into thinking pin 1 is pin 4)

    Here's the link.. I hope this helps some of you get your computers running at 133 like they should be!

    It is a long forum, but well worth the read if you own an A7M266!!
  14. What is yor system configuration? I never had that problem. My config is

    1.4ghz Athlon
    512 DDR RAM
    ATI Radeon 64 DDR VIVO
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