AMD XP1600+ on Soltek SL75DRV2 problems

I have a machine with AMD XP1600+ on Soltek SL75DRV2 mainboard, powerfull CPU cooler (with enough space to suck the air),256 DDR, MSI Geforce2MX graphic card, ATX case, all brand new components.
The system is unstable, randomly locks under all versions of Windows, including XP. I've made several tests with SySoft Sandra and 3DMark, all are successfull. I even changed the graphic card with a MSI Geforce2MX 400 graphic card, the problem remains.
Under Windows 98 I've got a Windows Protection Error sometimes, under Windows 2000 and XP the system halts sometimes. After reinstallations (IE5.5, DIrectx8, the latest drivers from the component's manufacturers), everything works fine, but the problem still occurs after one or maybe two days.
In BIOS the optimized defaults are loaded, Video shadowing and Virus Warning are disabled. I've tried the latest Nvidia drivers for the graphic card, also the drivers shiped with the card. From Soltek site I've got the latest BIOS (v.4) and the latest VIA drivers.
Please help me to solve the problem.
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  1. Do you have any other expansion cards? NIC? Sound card? Modem?

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  2. No modem, sound on board. It's easy to disable the sound chipset from BIOS, but it crashes even with no sound.
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  3. where did you install all your windows systems? and how many harddisk? did you do fresh install? when you upgrade?
    check the temp ofyour cpu (temp 1 in bios) or install the smart gurdain to read it from the windows.
    did you set the the sw1,2,3 switches on the motherboard manually or left then default?

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  4. All the OS'es were installed on a fresh partition (I have a single HDD), always formating and reinstalling everything (nasty huh). The motherboard works with the factory settings, I looked on it and SW1, SW2, SW3 seams to be ok, I mean the CPU's clock is 133.
  5. What powersupply are you using? Also check the voltage readings in your BIOS or with an app. in Windows.

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  6. The PowerSupply is just fine, the motherboard is smart enough, has a Anti-Burn-Shield circuit specialized in shut-downing the computer if something's going on with the CPU's temperature. Even if the CPU-Fan fails and stops. The Motherboard is shut-downing the machine in this cases. I did't encounter such things, so I'm not worried about temperature right now. The motherboard is supplied with the jumpers set on the maximum performance (read the manual), I checked visually this thing, and the voltage values are all right. I didn't f##$@ up the settings for motherboard like other people. I better asked for help here, and God knows that you're all trying to help me. Thanks people!
  7. i would suggest the following: -

    go to advanced chipset setting in the bios, and choose dram then, choose setting by manual (bot SPD), check that the command rate is 2T and check your dram clock clatency.
    check your AGP aperture size
    check again your switches on the board with the manual (voltage 1.75, fsb 133, multiplier 11)
    install one operating system (win2000).
    for the driver of graphic card use 21.68(something like that, do not use the driver 23.11).
    install via 4in1 4.37
    what sound card u r using? SB live? or on board? i heard SB has some incompatibility issues.

    do you over clock? if so how many ram stick you are using?

    try to install the necessary and required softwares and see, if it is made the same problem, then try to run burn in program (u can find one here and see if any of your hardwares is giving errors.

    finally, if the problem still occuring then maybe you have something wrong in the motherboard or maybe the ram

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