Computer crashing and bleeping! Driving me insane!

I've had my new computer a few months now and have experiance no major problems on it. But for some reason everytime a play warcraft3 and SimCity4 the computer will suddenly emit a high pitched bleeeeep and everything starts running very slowly.

There is nothing i can do to stop it leeping than restart my computer. At first i thought it might have been the overheat warning on my motherboard but i after disableing this feature i still get the bleeping sound after a while.

My system:
P4 2.4 (running at 2.7)
Abit motherboard (SiS648)
Cosair PC3200 (running at 200Mhz)
A-open geforce4 Ti 4200
Sonic Explosion sound card (I think its called something different in the USA)

Why use windows when you can use doors?
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  1. Does this happen in other games? What operating system are you running?

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  2. It only seems to do it in SimCity4 and warcraft3, I'm using windows ME at the mo. These r the games i play primarily though so i aint sure.

    Why use windows when you can use doors?
  3. if i had to guess, i'd say your system is overheating.
    You wouldn't normally hear this because it would take a game to really drive both your processor and your graphics processor so hard.

    Try adding some fans and/or using a larger case.
  4. lower processors frequency to 2.5GHz, maybe that will work
  5. This could be totally wrong, but it could be you are running low on power (take it from somebody who has had the unfortunate experiance, but with the help of this forum a problem no more)

    With me when ever I started a 3d game, (seeing as I have the very hungry ASUS ultra deluxe model of the Ti4600) or even just starting up windows XP the card (and the rest of the PC) started to do some work and therefore drained my system of power and seeing as I had a cheap yum cha PSU which already came with voltage readings of 3.19, 5.4, 11.9 etc it's no wonder I had these problems, and so as a warning for low voltage on mainly the 3.3volt line my motherboard set of a loud "bleeping" and then 99% of the time my pc would crash straight after.

    what PSU do you own? and esspecially if you seem to overclock, this may be the problem, check your BIOS system hardware monitor, or use an app like Motherboard Monitor to see if your power is what it should be, as your system will usually still run with out problems on bad power but when it starts to need it more (like during game play) it'll cause alarms to go off and PC's to crash.

    though this may not be your problem, as your case sound strange as it only happens while in Warcraft and SimCity4.

    though it's worth checking into.

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  6. Slow your CPU down. You are more than likely overheating. This is a problem you can run into when you overclock. Especially if you don't have a proper cooling system. Also don't run your memory at the max. Drop it down a little bit. Give this a try and see if it works. I play Warcraft III a lot. I have my system running an Athlon XP 2600+ and 500MB of DDR400 running at 166MHz. That bleeping sound definitely sounds like you are over heating. I would suggest lowering your setting or getting a bigger case with more fans.
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