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I've just started using Adobe Premier Pro. I have a system that's optimized a bit more for Photoshop, but I figured the same hardware configuration should work well. It didn't. My setup is based on a Barton 2500+. I have three WD 120JB drives two in a RAID 0 connected to the motherboard's onboard RAID connectors (Highpoint 374). The other hard drive has been partitioned into a C: drive with Windows XP and all program files and a D: Drive where we store miscellaneous files and documents. The RAID setup has been partitioned into a 220GB partition for large video and ISO files and a 20GB partition for a scratch disk (Photoshop & Premiere).

When I try to capture video to the scratch disk it continually drops frames and is unable to capture usable video. With the increased data transfer rates, shouldn't it work better? When I capture to the d: drive, the problem disappears. Is it increased CPU utilization due to the RAID controller or what? Anyone?
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  1. Hi Brett

    Your system sounds top-of-the-line. I don't think its to do with your hard disk and RAID setup. Did you try checking the video transfer portion? How do you capture video to the hard disk? Is it by Firewire? Is your video capture card up to it?

    Gary Hendricks
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  2. I dont know about your RAID setup, but how is it configured? You should use data block of 64K for capturing. Most autosetup set them to 16K, which may be enough for small files purpose, but not video capture.

    I have a 2500+, with a Soltek sl 75frn2-RL and 1 gigs of RAM (dual channel) and my onboard RAID controller is the Promise Fasttrak 376. My drive are both WD120JB. My system looks a bits like yours, and I dont have any problems to capture. According to HDTACH, my RAID performance while reading is around 95MB/s. Dont know about write, I have to register the program in order to know that.

    I dont know about highpoint controller. so check if you can adjust the size for data block. That could helps you a lot

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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