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I am new to this community and I want to build my first computer. I don't want to build a state of the art computer since I don't know if it'll work at all but something in between.

There are so many motherboards that I don't know which to choose from. I already purchased an Athlon XP 1600 and want to build around that. My question is which motherboard would you recommend, if possible two choices, for the cpu and that also uses SDRAM memory since I have 512 MB of it and I would hate to throw it away.

Also if you have time, a case/power supply for it or what has worked for you?

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.
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  1. SIS 735 (ECS K7S5A or Leadtek 7350KDA), it let you use both DDR-RAM and SDRAM (but not at the same time).

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  2. SDRAM is not the state of the art anymore.
  3. Newegg is the place to shop. I use a shuttle ak31 version 3.1, and newegg has a refurbished one for only $59 with free shipping. If you bought an oem cpu, I suggest a copper heatsink for better cooling. The retail one works fine if you don't overclock. Sell you sdram in the paper, and make the switch to ddram. Check newegg's refurbished section for many other items. They have a good selection of cases. I recommend any case that has a 350 watt amd approved power supply. If you don't find one you like at newegg, try directron or electroseller.
  4. The Iwill KK266Plus is currently the fastest KT133A mobo available. If you want ot aviod VIA, get an ECS mobo.

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