K7S5A mobo DOA?

Just setup new system but it doesn't work. Fans blow, but nothing else happens: no beeps (not even the bios startup beep), no video, . . . Have tried (pwr down & up with each): cleared cmos, reseated boards, remove all boards, disconnect ide cables, remove ram. How should I trouble shoot this? Is it DOA? Should I exchange for another or a different? System is ECS K7S5A mobo, duron 950 cpu, antec sx830 case with 300w pwrsupply, 40gb hard drive, 256mb ddr ram (single stick).
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  1. take it back...sounds like it is dead...
    if you tried everything.
    if you have another motherboard....try that...if you have another psu, try that..
    if you bought the system at a store that you can go to, then take the whole system, and check that.
    they should be able to test the parts..and find out what is wrong.


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  2. These boards are finicky when it comes to power supplies. Try another power supply, but I have a feeling it's DOA. I've put together 4 systems with this mobo. 2 were DOA. 50%? Not too good. If you happen to get one that works, it's a good board for the money.

  3. yeah..when you get a good one..they are very good for the money..
    the only real problem i have had with one...out of 4 boards that i have used is that one, the onboard lan died....but that was able to be returned to the store..
    one of them, i thought i fried something on the board, but ended up not being fried...but i took it back anyways.

    the one i am using now is stable, and fast, the one my friends system is using has not had a single problem.
    and we are both using generic 350w psus.
    the bios reports voltages that are to spec.
    even when i change the settings on my fan while i am looking at it...the voltage on the 12v line never changes...
    but yeah...sometimes a psu is putting some weird voltages out..and the board will kinda spit it back at you. (not literally...)
    but doa is a possibility here.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  4. I had the same, and sent my board back. Turns out the MB was fine, but the Duron had blown
  5. I just built a system with this board and its a really good performer and super stable!...but yet ive heard they ahve a high rate of doa which really blows....have you tried to boot it up out of yoru case on a static bag?....you may have a ground short....and yea powersupplies are a biggy...i am using a pp312 300w i think (antec) and it works like a charm...but most of the time when you boot and nothing happens it is one of two things

    either the board is dead....or you overlooked the fact taht the clear cmos jumper was on the wrong jumper....check that and see if it is right...because even if it is bad memory you get a beep code...or video etc at that matter so you got three chances..

    bad powersupply...cmos jumper or dead mobo..

  6. duhhhh i just noticed you are using the same case and powersupply I am hehe!...so knock that off =]...but check the rest
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