Need a good P3 Board

I am in need of a good/fast p3 board that supports 1gig of ram. I would like one that has a 64bit PCI slot too, but I know those are rare. I currently have ABIT VT6X4 and the AGP will not run at 4X anymore. I am thinking about the 815 chipset instead of the VIA, what do you guys think?
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  1. Intel's 815 will only support 512 MB of RAM. If you want 64 bit PCI you might have to get a Mainboard with ServerWorks chipset but they are pretty expansive.
  2. I think you'd be happier with the BX chipset. OK, it has AGP2x and UDMA 33, but it's STILL faster than the i815 or anything VIA. Since AGP speeds of most cards barely break the 2x speed, the BX can easily make up for it by being more efficient everywhere else. Oh, it also supports large amounts of RAM.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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