Bluescreen and hardware failure evrytime i play bluray

Ok i just updated my win 7 software when i went to go watch a bluray movie i get a bluescreen evrytime and it says hardware failure. Never expierenced this problem before the update and cannot solve issue on my own. Anyone have any ideas on what my root problem is?
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  1. did you update your drivers?
  2. ye i updated my gpu driver from the original to the update on EVGA's website for the gtx 470.
  3. did you update the rest of your drivers when you upgraded to win 7?
  4. i did not upgrade to win 7 original os from build a couple months back. Not connected to net all the time so i just did the microsoft updates for win 7 that were available and ever since then i get a bluescreen only when playing bluray and nothing else. Games musice all play fine and have no issues only when playing bluray. Thats why im perplexed at wht the problem is. Played blurays fine one day no issues did the update from microsoft and got home and bluescreen hardware failure. I am trying to avoid doin a system restore to before the update but unless i get some ideas on what my issue might be that looks like my best option
  5. have you tried the drive on a different computer or tried a different drive?
  6. no, have not tried that yet but the bluray will play for either a couple secs and sometimes even up to over a minute before it bluescreens on me so i do not think its the drive.
  7. try going back to a restore point before the update and see if you still have this issue
  8. yea no issue once i restored to previous install point. What do you think it could be? It is changing one of my drivers configs or something. i couldnt figure it out
  9. What software player are you using to play the blu-ray? Maybe you should look for an update. PowerDVD, TMT3, WinDVD or whatever.
  10. what other hardware?
    what are you CPU/GPU temps hitting?
    what PSU?
  11. I am using powerdvd that came with my bluray drive. My setup is i7-930 at 3.0ghz, GTX 470 gpu, 6gb of gskill 1600mhz cas 7 ram, corsair 750w psu. My temps max out at about 65 degrees celsius, core temps under stress/load test get up to 75. I cant figure out if it was the driver update for my 470 that caused the problem or the win7 update that did it but im going step by step to find the root of the problem by loading the win7 update without the gpu driver update and vice-versa.
  12. I dont know all of it, but im running win7 ultimate, just did a full system update yesterday, and watched a blueray last night without any problems, so that leads me to think its the 470 driver update... just an fyi :)

    ..although i do not use powerdvd, i use VLC media player. I dont know if that matters.

    Just thought id toss that out as some added info.
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