Distortion Noise At Windows Startup, I'm baffled

When I boot up my PC I hear a distortion noise that starts at the windows Welcome screen and continues on for about a minute after the desktop is onscreen. This only happens on complete boots, not restarts, and I never hear the distortion again even if my PC is running for hours upon hours.

Even weirder, I can seem to effect that distortion noise with my mouse, altering the sound by moving it around and rolling the mouse wheel. I also hear the distortion on the Welcome screen at a boot when I move my mouse cursor over the User Account icons. Move the cursor over an Icon, loud distortion noise, move it away no noise etc...

I am baffled. I can't understand what in the world could be causing this.
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  1. yeah i had the exact same issue at one stage.

    currently i have turned off all system noises so i don't think i have a booting noise at all. so really if it was happening now i would never know.

    one thing i know is that when it happened it was a result of installing my video drivers multiple times to find the best one, i reinstalled windows with the best video driver straight off, and i think that fixed it.

    basicly its not harmfull to your system, its just plain annoying. so i just sugest turning off the system sounds


    <A HREF="http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz" target="_new">http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz</A> its where its all going on, oh and its also all going on HERE <A HREF="http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/" target="_new">http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/</A>
  2. Turned off all system sounds, but I'm still getting the distortion. I noticed this time, it starts before the windows loading screen, it begins at the very first screen where memory and drives are detected.
  3. What sort of system specs do you have? The sound card and speakers would be most helpful but full spec is good.
  4. Could be power leakage to onboard/desktop speakers.

    Electrical components can gradually breakdown with age/temp but not be faulty enough to cause a fault until there condition wersons. I have had electronic components be partially faulty even when new - mass produced and not tested by manufacturer. (they usually test components randomally.)

    Not generaly anything to worry about - until you hear a "BANG" and smoke appears - only jokeing.

    If your worried, take it to a PC repair shop to check it out.

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  5. Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mobo (nforce 2)
    AMD Athlon XP 2100
    Corsair XMS 3200
    Western Digital Caviar SATA HD
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    Plextor Plexwriter
    Harmon Kardon desktop speakers.
    Dell P221 Monitor

    That's everything.

    Something new has started happening since my last two boots. After the black boot screens where my memory is tested and drives are detected, I'm getting a black screen with a white blocky loading bar at the bottom that fills from left to right, then the windows XP pro screen comes on folowed by the blue welcome screen then the account logon screen.
  6. Might as well list the case. Antec 1080 Soho w/430 Watt PS. And my HD is mounted in an Antec HD Cooler.
  7. i am having the same problem. i noticed that every time my system starts making such noises the data transfer rate of my system has been reduced drastically including increasing in login time 10 times. and i often face the scandisk screen during login. the problem goes away if i format my entire harddisk and resinstall everything. i think its related to some bad sectors getting created in the hdd.
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