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Hello everyone, tried to install Sniper elite and Toca Driver 3, both of which have starforce security software on them. With Sniper elite I installed game it asked to restart when i finished, computer restarted but windows wouldnt start, and started repairing it's self, after half hour of what I call nonsense it stopped and asked me what I wanted to do {still no windows load} and gave me a list of options, which I chose system restore and went to earlier date. Windows started and I had to reset some stuff, Like video card overclocks, searched for files and deleted them, getting to point, Installed Toca Driver 3 last night, I noticed it had starforce security software so I didnt let game restart computer, closed it, window 7 said incompatible drivers for starforce software, wait for it. I restarted comp on my own, win7 mentioned about drivers again, I tried to start game, a box came up telling me let game restart comp for starforce secrurity to finish, not wanting a repeat of Sniper Elite action, I uninstalled the game. Namco has no updates Sniper Elite or starforce Security and codemasters has no help for Toca Driver 3 or starforce security and they both played great on XP, I've been every where looking for solution, guess they'll end up with Scarface not being used, my other PC runs Vista they wont work with it either, This PC win 7 home premium 64bit 8gig EVGA 240 GT, just installed Need for speed Porsche Unleased EA from 2000 plays well, Need for speed Hot persuit 2 EA from 2001 plays well, some games play others dont do so well, no one seems to no what to do about starforce security, does anyone here, otherwise these games wont be played, anyone.
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  1. Starforce Protection is compatible with Windows 7, but is not supported by versions 5.5 or lower -

    In that case, you can try and run the program in a previous version of Windows by doing this:

    1. Right click on the icon for the program.

    2. Click on properties.

    3. Now click on the compatibility tab.

    4. Under compatibility, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”

    5. In the drop down box select Windows Vista.

    6. Under privilege level check mark "Run this program as an administrator".

    7. Click on “Apply”.

    8. Click on “OK”.

    For more info on this method, you should visit [...] of-Windows

    If this doesn't work at first, retry by running the program in an even older version of Windows (XP) when you get to step #5 again.

    - Jake

    Windows Outreach Team
  2. I tried all those and none them worked!
  3. BTW Starforce security software on game wont let game start no matter what and if you click on continue it try to restart windows and then crash windows wont load. no help from vendors what so ever. Before you click continue windows says incompatible drivers for win 7 with starforce software security.
  4. Have you tried using Windows Virtual PC to run it in XP? -

    Other resources I found for you from Starforce -

    And -

    Keep in mind that those are 3rd party resources, so if you need help with performing these updates I would suggest checking the support resources on Starforce's website. Then again, you said already that the vendors were no help...

    I hope there's something in this post that proves useful for you.

    - Jake

    Windows Outreach Team
  5. Nope, nothing worked, I have Windows 7 home premium, no virtual PC for this version. I've read of somthing called Cracked.exe but dont think I want mess with it, tried for 3 days to make this work, you need Win7 professional or Ultimate to use virtual PC XP so this wont help. Tried update it just kept wanting me to restart PC after 3 enough already uninstalled game and starforce update, another game that wont be played, along with sniper elite it has this also has this crap on it.
  6. Sorry that it didn't work out. As a last resort I can leave you with the suggestion to post your issue in the Microsoft Answers forums to be possibly answered by the tech pros in that community -

    Sorry again.

    - Jake
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