4 drives set to master ?? soyo dragon ultra

is this possible
ok I am getting a new p-IV mobo today via fedex my question is this .. it is a soyo dragon ultra with onboard hipoint RAID I don't really need a raid array so I am thinking of setting it up like this... yamaha 2100ez cdrw burner as master on ide 1, sony 52 x cdrom master ide 2 maxtor ata 133 40gb hdd master 3 and another maxtor ata 133 40 gb as master on ide 4 in other words all 4 drives on independent ide channels set to master.. will I be able to use the hdd on chan. 3 as the boot drive .. are there any problems with this setup .. I want to put the cd drives on 1 and 2 because they are ata 100 channels and the hdd's on 3 and 4 as they are ata 133 channels ( I know the diff is negligible but still ...)

Thanx for any advice \ thoughts on this


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  1. It should work, I have 4 HDs and 3 CDROMs in my system with 4 masters and 3 slaves, works perfect.
    You should be able to select the onboard RAID as booting device and inside the HighPoint BIOS you can select which drive is the booting drive.

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