Problems with Soltek SL-75DRV2

Hi All,

After reading the Soltek SL-75DRV2 review on this site, I purchased the board along with an AMD 1800 processor and other components from in England UK; since then I am tearing my hair out with problems.

The system will always halt with an error or hangs in the middle of win98 and win98SE install, or winme, win2k or winXP upgrade – In total, I have had to reformat the 80 gb hard disk 5 times (it takes 35 mins to reformat) and still no success and rebooted about 60 times in the middle of an install.

I am aware that there are compatibility issues with this board and the AMD XP processors. I have downloaded the latest BIOS fwdflash.exe file and motherboard drivers from Soltek’s website but the problem still occurs

Has anyone had similar problems or success with this board, or perhaps, shed some light on this matter before I get a hammer and make a jigsaw puzzle out of this board.
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  1. I hadn't heard of the compatability issues. Where did you hear of them?
  2. they are on soltek's website/....and yes they dont guarantee compatibility with the xp processor...but my friend has one and it works fine maybe you jsut unlucky hehe
  3. Check if your temps are not to high, check if the memory timings are not to fast. Do you have a strong enough (atleast 300W) powersupply?

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  4. what is your memory setting? and how many stick and what brand they are?
    are you overclocking?
    disable virus warning in the bios ..........amd check shutdown for fan and cpu in the bios

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
  5. amd has not approved that board for xp1500-xp200 at all, return it,,30_182_869_4348^4378|115_1_XP,00.html
  6. I just put together a SL-75DRV2/AthlonXP 1900+ based system without a hitch. The mobo came with the already updated bios (3.5) so there was no compatibility issues there. I hit 1800mhz on the first try!!!. Double check your mobo settings and maybe try installing the OS with just the bare minimum component.
  7. Hi there

    I bought my Soltek board from Dabs too and it already had BIOS 3.5 on it.

    If windows is locking up during installation it sounds to me like the memory is faulty.

    Last year I bought new motherboards, PSU's etc etc and found that my Crucial ram was at fault. The symptoms you describe sound like a memory problem.
  8. Hi there

    I bought my Soltek board from Dabs too and it already had BIOS 3.5 on it.

    If windows is locking up during installation it sounds to me like the memory is faulty.

    Last year I bought new motherboards, PSU's etc etc and found that my Crucial ram was at fault. It just goes to show even branded ram can be faulty.
  9. Hi All,

    Thanks for the response. I have just come to realise that I installed the two sticks of memory in the second and third slot instead of the 1st and 2nd (closest to the CPU); I am certain this is what is causing the problem. The manual does not explain where to correctly insert the modules.

    I will let you know of my results in a later post.
  10. Hi Guys,

    Well ... It has been a very interesting 13 days since I posted my original post about the problems I was having with this Soltek motherboard; I packaged it and nearly sent it back to the distributers, and then purchased an Epox EP-8KHA+ board. I'm glad I kept the Soltek.

    When I checked out other Soltek forums, a lot of other people were having the same problems. A large percentage of them who had the same symptoms as I had, finally got fed-up, wrote a post that discouraged other readers not to purchase a board from Soltek and then purchased another board from another manufacturer.

    I am a newbie to building PCs so I wouldn't blame myself or others for incorrectly installing the memory modules in the wrong slot because it did not state anywhere in the manual where they should be correctly installed, however, In this age where more people are turning to building their own PCs, manufacturers need to take a bit more care in producing their manuals and not assume that all builders are PC gurus. If they fail to realise that, then the consequence can be astronomical.

    I am happy with this board now – I couldn’t say this days ago – I am using Microsoft XP and with Flightsim 2002, it runs like a dream with excellent frame rates. I am now looking forward to tweaking it so that I can gain maximum performance.



    Motherboard: Soltek SL-75DRV2
    Processor: AMD XP-1800 FSB 266
    Fan: Volcano 6
    Memory: Kingston 1 x 512mb PC2100
    Graphics Card: Creative Geforce3 500ti
    Hard Disk: Western Digital 80gb
    Monitor: Iiyama
    Game: Flight Simulator 2002
  11. Am I to understand that placing the DIMMs in the slot closest to the CPU fixed all your problems? (Mine is in there at the moment)

    I'm having some difficulty getting my 75DRV2 up and running, W2K install crapping out. If I disable quick POST in the BIOS the memory check fails, but it doesn't seem to be working properly, it only seems to test the first 128MB (I have 256MB on 1 DIMM) then reports "Memory Check Failed" or similar, can anyone replicate this issue on this board?

    Until I can get an OS on the system, I can't get Sandra (or similar) running to test the RAM.
  12. Hi Bazzla,

    I am not as knowledgable as others on the board, but I will try to help - I know what it's like to need help.

    Are you using the latest BIOS? If not then you need to download this from Soltek's website and then follow the instructions in the manual on how to flash it.

    Ensure that the memory modules are correctly seated in the slots; You have to firmly push them in to the slots until they are locked by the plastic locks on either side of the slots.

    Try using one module at a time; you must ensure that it is in the slot closest to the CPU. If the problem still occurs then swap it for the other.

    Note that it is possible that you could have bad RAM.

    I don't know if this is necessary but I set the board to run on FSB 100 then installed the operating system and applications. After installation I then set it to FSB 133.

    I hope this helps. If not, then I am sure someone more knowledgable than myself will offer their services pretty soon.


  13. Thnx, I'm using BIOS ver K4 (02-01-02(UK date format))
    Only One module 256MB, seated properly, @133MHz from SPD. Running RAM @100MHz seems to make no difference.
    Would anyone with a SL-75DRV2 and more than 128MB RAM mind rebooting a couple of times and changing their quick POST settings to find out if I am alone in this situ.

    For now I may try to install W2K in APM mode to check other components out etc.
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