Is there a way to test a mobo with a multimeter??

I may have fried my there a way to test it with a multimeter and if so, where? also, what does a PSU sound like when it dies? oh yeah, i didn't smell anything funny with the mobo when i tried to power it up.
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  1. Give us a briefing on what you did, or tried to do, to your sys and the results you get when trying to boot. Beeps?
    As for the multimeter, well, wy not, instruments are instruments and electric current is electric current.
    You could test the psu voltages, that's in DC not AC .
    You should have 3.5 and 12 V.

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  2. Pike....this is what i did and promise not to laugh cause this is the first system i put together....i forgot to put the standoff's in and instead, screwed my mobo straight into the case...then i powered it up and a high pitched sound like a very faint vacuum being turned off emanated out...i did not smell anything tho.....yesterday, i put the standoffs in and now nothing at all happens when i try the power....i've been told that the high pitched sound might be the PSU but i'd like to know for sure by putting a multimeter through it....i jus don't know what points of the mobo would be good to test and give definite results...while i'm at their a way to test the PSU too???
  3. Well if you know your way around a multimeter, testing the psu is the easiest. But then I have never tried. Seems to me you just check the sockets for different voltages DC. That would be 3.5 and 12 if i'm not giving you BS.
    As for the mobo, well does'nt sound very good. Still, try just video and ram and see if it posts. Then go on from there.

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  4. You don't think that I could have hurt my cpu, ram or graphics card, do you?
  5. Well yes it is very possible for all four :-(
    You will have to boot test them one by one.
    If you're lucky it may just be the mobo that's wasted.
    If you are really lucky nothing is fried. This is possible, although unlikely. Look, I once tried to pull out some jumpers with out unplugging power and "sparks a flying" but I still use that board to this day ...

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