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Hi all- I just built my first computer, and am trying to install XP Corp from scratch, but everytime I start up I get a CD Boot Memory overflow error.
I have a copy of XP Pro upgrade, and that works fine until setup starts looking for a previous version of Windows. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated as I'm sitting here starting at 2200$ in blank monitors :)

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  1. Is it a legal copy of XP Corp that you're trying to install? About the XP Pro Upgrade, you dont have a Win98 disc kicking around, or a friend that would loan you his?
  2. How much memory do you have? Is it setup correctly in the BIOS? Have you tried running memtest86?

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  3. Wait a minute ... are you using the original copy of XP Professional? The other thing to check is whether your hardware is on Microsoft's hardware compatibility list. Go to and do a search on 'XP hardware compatibility list'. Some motherboards and CD-ROM drives have problems with Windows XP.

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