Need advice on ECS K7S5A motherboard!

I've heard good things about this mobo in many hardware reviews but wanted to know first hand what people actually think about it. I plan on upgrading to a 1.4ghz athlon or even possibly an Amd Xp processor (this mobo supports all of them). My main concern is stability (under windows xp).
Should I get this mobo or go for something else?
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  1. well, right now i am running this board with windows xp professional.
    the only prolem i have had so far was when i installed my wintv pci card, it kept trying to install like 4 devices related to that card, when there is only two.
    i even used the drivers from hauppage's site. but to no avail.
    so oh well.
    no wintv.
    until they come out with a fix for it...
    i can manage until then
    other than that, the board installed without a hitch on winxp, and runs stable as a rock.
    the only crash so far has been when i tried to open the wintv program, and it couldnt because the card was screwed up.
    that was it.
    other than that..i have pretty much had my computer running 24/7 with no problems.
    very good board.
    i have ran it with windows 98, 98se, and windowsxp pro.
    so it has some range.
    the onboard lan is good, and saves a pci slot.
    havent used the onboard sound...but it is acceptable (used it on my friends rig when his sound card wasnt working, he has the same board as me)
    i like the pcb being black..looks sweet, and when i put my window in my case, it will really get shown off.
    i like this board, and think that it will be good for you.


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  2. The only downside is that ECS has a high DOA rate.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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