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I want to upgrade my computer. I have pretty new peripherals (HD, CDRW, etc), but have P2 processor. Not sure where to start because there are so many MB's and processors out there (I've been looking on New Egg). I'd like to get a P4, but not sure which one and which MB I should get. I have an ASUS now. Also, will I need new RAM? I have 256MB PC 100 in the machine now. I've been told to stay away from RAMBUS ram. Can anyone help guide me? Many thanks! kc
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  1. You can get a P4 with DDR. Asus and Abit both makes great motherboard. Just make sure the mother board uses Intel chipset. Intel chipset have less compatibility problem.
  2. You'll need a new power supply. I found a codegen 350 watt (amd approved and P4 ready) for only $24 plus shipping at 800pc. Rambus is ok to use. It's sdram you want to avoid, used by any motherboard with the Intel 845 chipset.
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