Can't install Windows 7 x64 Pro

Simply i cant install my OS now on my new system. An i7 860 based system on ASUS P7P55D-E Mobo with 4 GB of RAM. The only thing i added lately is the FW SIIG Controller which i installed once after that and there was no problems, now i removed that too and still same problem. For some reason tonight i wanted to reinstall, a fresh copy and installed all the way up to INSTALLING FEATURES and then restartsas always...then...kept restarting, then...cant INSTALL...then Install with SAFE Mode...then this then that. It starts, starts Loading and Checking drivers, RAM, HDs and else, Windows 7 Logo shows up and then...restarts, it cant complete the instalations...tried many things and way, nothing works.
I forgot to mention, after few instalations it was asking me to select OS to start and there was like this:
After first:
After second:
After third:
After means after each installation i did. The Only different thing this time i did is that i deleted the 3 partitions on the Main HDD and created 4,

didnt work, 2 times, then i deleted all of them and created only one partition and formated it and tried again and didnt dont know.

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  1. Didn't quite follow... How many HardDrives do you have?
    How many instals of windows 7 did you have before?
    Do you have a copy of windows 7 installed on other HDD's other than your 'main hdd'?
    Which version of win 7 are u using? full license... oem... upgrade?
  2. Check your boot device priority.. Your optical drive should be marked as the first boot device followed by your hard drive as the second boot device.. After creating a partition, format it and then go ahead with the windows installation..
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