Soyo Dragon + and IDE 3 +4

hi all. Recently assembled a system based around the dragon + and am having problems getting my pioneer dvd/cd-rom recognized on the IDE ports 3 + 4 (tried both).
I have
-a Western Digital hd on IDE 1 set to master
-a tdk 24x burner on IDE 2. also set to master

I heard you should have you burner and cd-roms on different cables to avoid performance problems. Also when I try to burn a cd in Nero, it tells me the same thing (about the different cables).

The dvd is recognized when set to slave on the same cable as the burner @ master.

If anyone has any idea what might be going on, I would appreciate any input.

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  1. Not being a SOYO fan I don't know the mobo, but isn't IDE ports 3 & 4 for ATA100 / RAID devices?

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  2. yeah, they are, but in the manual it says you can use them for cd-roms and such. I just can't figure out how.
  3. I believe there's a jumper on the mobo to switch the ports from raid mode to ide mode. Have you checked this?

  4. Make sure you have enabled the ATI/RAID in the bios, if you don't do that these ports will not work. If you have a ata100 hd, it would be better to install it here & use ports 1 & 2 for your DVD & Burner.

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  5. did not read your manual completly...In page 164, in the FAQ;

    Q: Can I use ATAPI device on the fasttrak100-lite?
    A:No. There is no driver layer on the fasttrak-lite controller which will support ATAPI packet messages.

    So, forget about cd rom, dvd, burner,...all those use ATAPI.

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