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I'd like to use SCSI RAID on a single processor motherboard. If the board comes with IDE RAID, what will I need to make SCSI work, just a SCSI controller card or a SCSI controller card that also incorporates RAID? I'm thinking of ABIT's KR7A-RAID or similar, but it would be better if there's a socket A/KT266A board with a built-in SCSI RAID controller. Point me towards a link if this is the umpteenth time this question has been asked.

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  1. There is no kt266a with scsi, but there is an AMD761 board from MSI for around $210 US.
    Here's a quick link on pricewatch:

    BTW, goto
    hit motherboards link
    type at "search catagory"
    AMD scsi
    hit return
  2. you will need a scsi array controller card got to price watch to get prices, but one question you already have ide raid why do you not use 7200 rpm ide drive instead?
  3. If you have SCSI RAID why worry about IDE RAID? You can raid a bunch of inexpensive small 7200RPM LVD drives together, use all SCSI drives, and forget IDE all together!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. Thanx for the info. I'm putting together a box to run Photoshop (swapping/scratch disk intensive when RAM is depleted) and scan photos in parallel. The scanner's interface is SCSI. I also want a MBO that can handle a lot of RAM--the afformentioned ABIT KR7A-RAID is one or the few fast boards that has 4 184-pin DIMMS. Since I need a SCSI controller for the scanner, I might as well go a little further and get a SCSI board with RAID so that I can feed two disks.

    BTW, there are fine Photoshop forums out there, but none that dispense good h/w advice.

    "What's the frequency?" you ask. You mean the disk speed...It'll be 10,000 RPM. So a little slower than two 7200 IDE drives.
  5. If you've only got 1 SCSI disk, RAID won't help..

    Also, I've never seen any real comparisons on this, but if you're running XP or 2000, and you do happen to install a second SCSI disk, AND you don't feel like spending extra on RAID capable SCSI card, then windows can do it for you. I know there isn't much hit to the CPU (with GHz laying around:) since the whole RAID 0 function is dead easy to do.

    One other thing to note: If you're considering a high-end drive (Quantum Atlas(now maxtor) or Seagate Cheetah) Those drives really get the peak performance when they're slammed by many requests for data simultaneously (as in a server for banks). Other than that, streaming 1 or 2 files through photoshop won't allow those drives to do their thing, and a 7200rpm drive would be just as good. And with the money you saved you could get double the ram and really see a performance improvement.
  6. For your purposes you can just get a KR7A (without the IDE RAID controller). This will save you a few bucks.

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