Mac Lion blindly accepts any LDAP password

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    Yet another reason to avoid Macs in an enterprise environment. But by no means the only reason. I don't think Apple are really interested in selling to businesses.
  2. Then there is small matter that as its share will grow, so will the attacks and malware etc. IMO no OS is completely safe, nor one ever can be.
  3. Archean,

    Is this first hand knowledge, a repost, or rumor? I would like to know as this particular problem does not exist to the extent of "any" password working for the LDAP in 10.6 and earlier. What security features are enabled on the server? Kerberos etc?

    If you could give me the details it would be greatly appreciated.

    Found the information at a couple spots. Thanks for the heads up Arch. Once again you are correct Ijack, but I think we had this conversation before ;P.
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