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Firstly, my apologies if this is in the wrong section, but it pertains to a Business I do some IT support for.

Basically, created an HDD partition "D" on the server and it's disappeared. I've recreated it and the same has happened again. Consequently it's made a mess of all the folder permissions and they are all set to 'read-only' and need manually changed. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why it's been deleted in the first place and if there is a simpler way than manually resetting all the folder permissions.

Many Thanks

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  1. Its more likely you have a clash with the drive letter assignments of the partitions. In other words a Hd partition may be set to D: but a Dvd or Cd rom in the system may of already requested the drive letter.
    A clash if you like. Its still there you just need to push the drive letter assignment up in windows if it is not showing as a logical partition with in windows. You can change the logical drive letter of the partition in disk manager.
  2. Is it a single drive or a raid array?
  3. @bignastyid trying to find out, will be in touch
  4. I think it's a raid array
  5. If its a raid go into the controller bios and check the status of the array.
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