winXP reboots unknown

computer specs: antec 550watt power supply, amd 64 fx-51, 1 gig of ecc 3200 ram, asus sk8n motherboard, sony cd-rw, and an asylum 5900 128mb video card.

note: all drivers have been installed and everything under start>control panel>system>hardware>device manager is ok.

problem: everytime i boot up it gets to the winXP start-up screen then turns blue and restarts, over and over....

solution:??? can anyone help me please.
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  1. couple of things:

    Is everything seated properly?

    Can you try underclocking the RAM?

    Any message on the blue screen?

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    jlanka (. .)
  2. Also, can you boot into safe mode? If you can, go turn off Automatic restart. Start->right click on My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Startup and Recovery Settings button->uncheck "Automatically Restart"

    If you can do that, you can read what the blue screen says, and we may be able to help more. I assume this is a clean install of windows and all that, and you said all the drivers are loaded, so do you know what was loaded right before it started this?
  3. I have a similar problem. Mine is an re-install of a HD from an old system to a new one. I get a dos screen that says windows didn't finish loading and this may be caused by new hardware installation. It gives a number of options but all lead to a endless reboot. Nor can I boot into the XP install CD even if I disable booting to the HD. I just get the same screen. The blue screen flashes by too fast to read. Sorry if this seems like a hijack but I posted here because my problem is similar.
  4. I turned off the automatic restart thank you i forgot all about that. next time i boot my comp i will post what it says.
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