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I am looking for information from anyone with experience with the Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Socket 478 motherboard. I am getting ready to build a P4 Northwood system with ATA-133 Raid and have narrowed the choices to this board and the Abit BD7-Raid. Any information would be appreciated.
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  1. Well I just put a system together yesterday with this board but can't really tell if the problems I have experienced so far are of my own doing, or the RAM or the mobo.. I set it up with raid 0 on my first attempt but started getting errors after trying to tweak the Ram, so I switched to just running the 2 maxtor 40gb hdd's off of the raid controllers as independent drives.. fewer problems but if I set ram (Kingmax pc2700) to cl2 or make any of the other timings faster it crashes bad..(at 333mhz) So far the Lan chip works just fine with my cable connection, the cmi audio .. well, can't tell yet .. one game I installed the sound was just fine ( Tiger woods 2001) and Roger wilco worked ok with it but saw problems in Aces High Online. I can't really recommend the board yet or condemn it as I have several more days of tweakin' and freakin' to put in before I know if I like it or not .. If you want I will try to keep ya posted and answer specific question you may have


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  2. Thanks for the information and yes please keep posting yur experience. One of the memory techs I talked to at a memory firm commented that Samsung memory chips seemed to run well at their rated speed but diplay problems when overclocked. He observed that memory based on Samsung 2700 chips might not be as "overclockable" as that based on other chips at 2100 and Cas 2.5....I dunno'
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