how do i update bios with .bin file?

I just downloaded the newest bios for the epox 8kha+. It is in the form of a .bin file. Previous versions were .exe files which even i can use. how do i go about using this bin file to update my bios?
I'd normally try to figure this out for myself but i don't want to learn by my mistakes when it comes to my BIOS so I thought i'd ask the guys that know (you lot).


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  1. for most bios's there is a dos based executable that you use to load the bin file.. for instance an award bios uses the awflash program. to use this particular one you copy the bin file to a floppy along with the awflash file boot into dos prompt, run the awflash type in the name of the bin file when prompted, save the old bios when prompted, let it load the new bios/bin and remove disk and reboot .. it may vary for you depending on the brand of bios you have

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  2. You need to have the flash program. If it didn't come with the BIOS, download it separately from the motherboard manufacturer. Make a bootable floppy. Copy the flash program and the BIOS file to the floppy. Reboot. Type the name of the flash program followed by the name of the BIOs followed by the .bin file (example: awdflash 1dumbbios4u.bin)

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  3. what is i dont have a floppy drive?
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