which mb using xp1800 and nvidia based viddy


for weeks I have been researching motherboards.. I can tell you what i have and want to get except the motherboard. I have heard there are some problems with nvidia cards and via chipsets.. I want to make sure before i jump the gun to get a good motherboard.. I need suggestions with combatibility with nvidia video cards.. i have a gainward goldensample gf2mx400 twinview VIVO

AMD xp1800
motherboard (in question)
512mb crucial ddr 2100
gainward gf2mx400 card mentioned above
80gb ata100 HD running win2k
liteon 24x cdrw

so i need a motherboard.. am lookin at these but need some user input..

EPoX 8KHA+ (the one i was about to get)
Soyo AY-K7V Dragon Plus! (2nd choice)

then i heard about the Iwill XP333 and it uses ALi MAGiK 1 chipset vs KT266A.

so help me out guys.
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  1. I diagnose VIA problems as part of my work. The XP333 is a great board. The ECS K7S5A is an adequate board. Both perform at almost KT266A performance but without issues associtated with VIA chipsets.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. I bought the Dragon+ from Soyo and have had major problems with a PCI Nvidia MX200 card. It was very unstable. AGP works great but I want to have three display attached. I'l also having sound problems with the card. No sound and XP with no yellow question marks, and Bios is enabled for onboard sound. Wierd?? I'm this close to returning the MOBO for the iwill
  3. This is almost surely an IRQ problem. All computers can experience them, but they can be far harder to solve on VIA motherboards for some reason. I have had severe problems running 3 bus mastering devices on VIA.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. CPU Freq Select is set to 133 and the Frq 1Mhz stepping is set to 133. I hope this is what you were asking for??
  5. Guees what just happened. I updated XP with all the latest update off of the WinUpdate page (not sure if this had anything to do with it), disabled the network card, installed the two video cards and now the Video cards are working just fine. So I now have a old TNT AGP Nvidia card, and two newer Xtasy NV MX200. Reset the machine, re-enable the onboard lan card and everything still works perfectly. Now I'm left to battle with the sound problem. Any thought about the sound???
  6. What kind of sound? You might be able to make it work by setting PNP PS to NO in BIOS and reserving IRQ5 (for SB16 emulation).

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. I made the mods you suggested but no luck. Am I missing something here. XP is still showing generic drivers for the sound card, with the bios enable or disable??? Should I load SOYO MOBO specific drivers for the onboard sound. I downloaded the c-media 6-channel audio drivers but they didn't come with instruction on how to install. I even attempted to point XP to the dir with the new drivers and it didn't pick them up?? I now thinking about update the bios with the latest version. Getting a little nervous<grin>.
  8. Mmmmr. Eh, I've only had 4 unpleasant days of experience with Windows XP, so I can only give you more generic recommendations. Maybe Soyo has the right driver for XP.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. I almost forgot! Thanks for the assistance. I'm now attempting to upgrade the bios to see if it helps??
  10. I give up!! Here's the final status on the Dragon mobo. I was finally able to get the video cards (all three) to work but the sound would never work. I figured out how to load the c-medai drivers from SOYO but everytime the drivers finished loading the entire system would reboot. And still no sound. I'll try to call SOYO in the morning, but I suspect they won't be of much help (just setting my expectation really low so I'm not disappointed.). I think I'll go with a mobo with no built in sound or network. BTW, why did they install a smart card reader? I thought it would be cool but who the heck uses them, especially on a computer????

    End transmission<grin>!!!
  11. Smart card readers can be usefull if you have a bunch of them from a device (say, hundreds of pics from a trip) and want a faster way to transfer the data then hooking the camera to the computer.

    Good luck!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  12. If there is one thing i've seen on this board, is complaints about the VIA chipset...yet, I visited 2 computer shops today for prices and discussed the mather with the techs and they told me that if the right drivers (for the VIA chipset) are installed, there is nothing wrong with the Via chipsets.

    One other thing, I was also told on this board that the Ali Magic chipset that is being suggested by lots of you knowledgeable people, is too slow....so....you tell me...

    No wonder it is so hard to make an enlightned choice :(

  13. Quote:

    One other thing, I was also told on this board that the Ali Magic chipset that is being suggested by lots of you knowledgeable people, is too slow....so....you tell me...

    Yes, the Ali Magik1 isn't as fast as a KT266A, in some cases, it's up to a whole 5% slower. I'll let you decide if that's "too" slow or not.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  14. Yes, the Ali Magik1 isn't as fast as a KT266A, in some cases, it's up to a whole 5% slower. I'll let you decide if that's "too" slow or not.

    This is a fair answer AMD_Man :o)....would this 5% make an overall difference?
  15. I've been in a lot of shops, somebody tries to put in a card or cards that don't work with their chipset and the tech says it's the card's fault. People complain about instability or data loss and techs claim it's the OS's fault. Anything to protect their product, including lying about the performance of the ALi chipset, which is only few percent slower in some benchmarks and a couple percent higher in others. "Too slow" makes it sound like their's a noticable difference, but their isn't.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  16. Up to 5% slower in certain test, up to 2% faster in others, overall probably 1-2% slower depending on your use.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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