KT266A + GF3 ti200 + S/B Live users

anybody with that component please write your experience with Via KT266a motherboard.

i wanna know how you guys dealt with the crashing problems if you guys had any.
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  1. No problems yet. Not too say they don't exist. Out of about 11-15 so far with that setup, no hiccups.

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  2. We need a bit more to go on. However, I will answer your question as generally as it is asked. 1.Make sure you have the latest 4in1 drivers from VIA (I think 4.37 is the latest version. 2.Make sure the RAM settings are at their slowest before installing any hardware. If the system runs stable, gradually tweak until unstable. 3.Make sure there are no issues with regard to your BIOS. Download and install the latest BIOS if necessary. 4.Make sure you have a decent power supply. At least 20 amps on the 3.3 volt line. 5.Make sure your processor is being cooled adequately. If it is approaching the 60 degrees C mark you are inviting crashes. 6.Make sure you have decent RAM. If you have 2 DIMMS see how it works with 1. If it still crashes, try the other. If I can think of anything else, I'll get back to you.

  3. thank you very much guys..

    what kind of m/b do you guys have?? (assuming that you guys have VIA kt266a.) =)
  4. I've got the MSI K7T266 Pro 2. It's been rock solid. No difficulties at all with SB Live! Platinum or my Asus GF3 ti200 which is overclocked to 200/475.

  5. How about EPOX 8kha+ ?? any EPOX 8kha+ users have problem?
  6. i'm running an asus a7v266 w/ a gainward gf3ti200 card. the os is win2k. i've built dozens of machines but have never had one crash like this. it will hang in the middle of applications as well as when i restart. if i shut down, wait and then restart, i am usually okay. let me know if you have any suggestions.
  7. One thing with my VIA mobos with the SB Live was I was pulling my hair out for a while, until I allowed LPT Sharing then there was no problem. It had something to do with the raid and I would have to disable the raid to get back into windows to allow LPT Sharing. Once I figured that out my hair started growing back in and I love these boards. KT7A-R KT133A 1200 cheap sound.Win2000.... KR7A As for Kt266A XP1800 gf2Ultra SB Live Win98se I just installed the drivers and LPT Sharing was all ready check off, so I'm not sure if it would be a problem if it wasn't check off, like the previous chip.
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  8. I got an epox 8kha+ and an SBlive 5.1. And an asus ti200.

    Ive had no problems with the soundcard at all in win98se and winxp. I've got my FSB at 150 and vid card at 250/500.

    This doesn't mean that you definately won't have problems. I hope you don't.

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