distorted audio when capturing from VCR

I have a TV @nywhere Master for capturing and when I capture video from a VCR, the picture comes out fine, depending on my settings.. but the audio is always messed up. Not sure how to describe it.. but sort of twangy, or distorted or something.

I have an Abit NF7-S motherboard with nVidia SoundStorm which I am using for sound in my system. I have the capture card linked to the Line In on the motherboard. I've tried 2 diff. VCR's and have the same problem with both, when simply watching the original tapes, the sound is fine.

Is the nVidia onboard sound simply not good for recording? Or do I just have something set up wrong? Any ideas?
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  1. I'm not an expert, but if it is distorted, turn down the signal in the audio settings box. Either the output or the line input. If it is scratchy or wrong, it might be a synch problem. I don't think it your video card, but instead your audio card. My 2 cents Nunchal

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  2. you need to go to your sound in control panel and change
    the recording volume level almost right down to the lowest
    setting, then you will not get distortion any more,


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