Thank you all ! I have wierd power button.

I am very grateful to those who all had helped me to solve my PC problems. Especially Mr. Crashman was ultimate savior to my problems, and Thank him very much.

I have this power button that works like reset button, I can only turn on PC each time I push it. When PC is on, if I push power button again, it turns off and turn on automatically.
It's bad.

The good side is it automatically shut down and turn off power when I shut down from win98 or win2000 server.
So convinient when using windows os.
But so bad when using DOS.(I pull the cord) Does pulling cord or turning off power surge protector damage internal components of my PC?

Anyway how can I fix this button to turn off power?

Is this motherboard (ASUS P2B-F related or ATX Case dependent or BIOS dependent?)

Thank you very much.
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  1. I was thinking...try to hold the button for at least 10 seconds.

    my system is like that. in windows, if I push and release then the system goes in suspend mode. but if I keep it pressed for 4 second, it shut down completly. maybe it is just that

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  2. Maybe you have 'reboot after power down (or similair)' enebled in your BIOS.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  3. add to that a really bad switch, that bounces on a single press making more than one closure.

    try pressing it for 4 seconds, some BIOSes have this option enables, and some do have an option to unconditionally shut the system off. all you have to do is set it.

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