HDD causes windows 7 to "hang" during loading (at start up)


Ive found an issue that for reasons that i cant understand, i still cant figure out. I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my computer (which is incredible compared to Vista...) Anyway, as for the computer issue. I currently have 4 extra "slave" HDD's + the C Drive (Master) in my computer. When i went to do the reformat to Windows 7, i unplugged all of the slave HDD's (which i always do) to make sure i dont wipe the HDD of its information by accident. When re-adding them to the system, i usually add them 1 by 1 to make sure each is accepted and works properly, and to not really confuse the system (learned this one the hard way).

I hooked up (SATA) my first slave drive and started windows 7 (which started perfectly find, quick, without problems in about 1 minute (maybe 2... i dont know) with only the Master attached.). Once the first slave was added, it got to the windows loading screen (little flag in the middle as it loaded) it was taking FOREVER. i figured, maybe windows 7 just takes a bit longer to accept new hard drives.... and i was WRONG.

I decided to do a forced shut down, and then detach the first slave, and attach the second. When i started up the computer the second time, with a different slave drive attached, it started up like it did the first time, got into the desktop, and added necessary drivers. Now i can access all of the information from that drive. I connected the other 2 drives in the same way. SO, now i have 3/4 drives connected to the computer, all working fine. but for some reason, every time i attached the last drive, it hangs on startup... At first, i was going to say this might be a bad HDD, but then i thought to myself... what on earth could windows have installed onto a drive at install that wasnt even connected to the computer?

so far, ive tried re-ordering the boot order, to make sure the MASTER is first in line, followed by CD Drive.
Ive tried resetting the BIOS to factory...
Ive tried placing the drive in an external encasement and attaching it via USB. Unplugged, works great, and when i plug it in, the files and everything are there and accessible. If its plugged up when i start the computer... it hange :/

So this is why i come to you, i have NO clue what to try next...

Any ideas?
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  1. Any ideas? or should i post this under the storage area of the forum?
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