ga-7vtxe/winfast gf2 pro problems!!

Hi, i have recently bought a ga-7vtxe mobo, but i have problems with my mobo and the winfas gf2 pro 32, there are strange dots in the bootup screen, and of course in windows, also i my computer hangs when running opengl or direct3d aplications/games.I have updated the mobo bios,tried all version os drivers for the winfast (leadtek drivers and nvidia generic), it happens in winxp, win98 and win2k.I know is the winfast because i tried an ati rape pro lt and i saw no dost or weird drawings at all, and no hangs of my computer.

I also wrote to leadtek service but he answers was this: ask your local store..that is- i don´t care :-( (nice service)

So, anyone can help me? any idea?

Sorry, one more thing, i tried fail-safe bios improvement at all.

Well, thanx a be if you can write me to my mail:
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  1. Is your card running hot, and do you have atleast a 300W powersupply?

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  2. My power supply is 250 w, and my winfast is not hot, in fact with the other mobo, a kt133 chipset, i had no problem at all, only that in win2k/xp the agp didn´t run.
  3. A 250W powersupply is a little low, its best to have atleast a 300W powersupply. It could be that your system is running out of power when doing heavy 3D work. Maybe you can borrow a other powersupply and test if that helps.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  4. Thnx, ill try it, but..why it didn´t happen before? i had the same winfast,the only change besides the mobo, is that then i had a duron 700 and now i have a xp 1600...and, why ith the ati rage pro dindt occur that?

    Well,,,,misteries of computer science... :-((((((
  5. The XP1600 and the new mobo use much more power then your older one. Could be that your new videocard draws little more power so the powersupply can't take it.
    Is your ATI Rage Pro a AGP 2x or 4x card?

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  6. I don´t know if it is 2x or 4x the ati, but this evening i will try a 350 w power supply....i hope thats the soluttion....thnx for all your help dude. :-)

    Ill keep you informed..
  7. Hi again, well, i just tried the new 350w power supply and the improvement has been big, almost no xtrange dots and no hangs for my computer...only when i run 3dmark2001, but only sometimes.

    WEll, it is not perfect yet but nearly enough for me.

    Thanx svol :-)
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