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I've just built a new dragon+ system with a VisionTek ti 500. Overall, it works great, but when I start it up, it gives me what sounds like one long beep followed by two or three short beeps, and then I get no picture on my monitor. After this happens, I just press the reset button and the system boots up fine. Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem?
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  1. Could be the gfx card. Try another if possible, or try cleaning and re-seating your own one.

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  2. If what camieabz suggests doesn't work, you might want to try another power supply. Power supplies can sometimes be the cause of start up problems like that, plus Geforce 3 cards require a lot of power, and your power supply might be running on the edge.
  3. thanks guys. Unfortunately, I don't have any extra video cards lying around, but I will clean the connector.
    Right now, I have an Antec 350w power supply. I thought it would be enough for my system. Do you suggest I move to one up in the 400w range? There are a total of seven fans inside (2 80mm case fans, 2 80 mm ps, one on the cpu, one on the northbridge and one on the GeForce). Could this be pushing my power supply to its limits?
  4. Try a bare bones start-up. Dis-connect the extra fans for now. See what happens. I doubt the lack of the fans while your CPU is idling should matter.

    350W should be enough. Test the system with some gfx heavy apps or games to see the results.

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  5. have same board and graphics card, had similar problem with boot up, was getting blank screen, turned out to be a problem with my modem, went and got a new oem us robitics modem and have had no problems since. Pull modem out and see if problem persists.
  6. thanks guys
    I've played games including RTCW and Ghost Recon and ran 3DMark2001 without any problems.
    as of now, I've got a ModemBlaster V.92. I'll take it out and see what happens.
    thanks again
  7. One long beep followed by two short beeps means the mbd is not seeing the video card. It may very well be a bad video card or a problem with your agp slot. I would most definitely rule out the psu.

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