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HELP! PC hanging on Verifying DMI pool........

Last response: in Motherboards
January 27, 2002 5:41:20 PM

this is my system:
Coolermaster atcs 210 case
enermax 430watt psu
amd athlon xp 1900+
globalwin cak38 fan
kr7a raid mobo
2 x 60gb ibm 60gxp hard drives
1 x seagate 10gb hard drive
2 x 512mb ddr sdram
32mb geforce 2 mx
yamaha 24x10x40x cdrw
matsushita 16x dvd rom
netgear network card

i had setup the computer set up raid install xp pro everything working fine for a day but now it keeps getting stuck on the verifying dmi pool data i have changed options in the bios taken off all the parts then reconnected cleared the cmos but i still cant get past this can you help ?
January 28, 2002 4:52:25 AM

Boot up in safe mode.

Right click My computer/properties/device manager.

Look at the HDD and CD drives. Do you have the DMA box ticked for any of them?

Untick if you can, and see if that does it.

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January 28, 2002 7:25:00 AM

Boot up in safe mode.

How can he get into Windows when he hasn't passed <b>Verifying DMI pool</b> screen?

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January 28, 2002 7:28:53 AM

Check your BIOS to see if voltage and temp are OK, and/or maybe change RAM's setting more conservative.

:smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
January 28, 2002 3:47:03 PM

And if that doesn't help try resetting the BIOS.

My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek:  .
January 28, 2002 6:05:06 PM

hey thanks for your help everyone but i found the problem my raid array messed up so it couldnt boot cause there was nothing to boot from anyway i sorted it out and created another array and lost all my work ! formatting 120gb is a long long process :( 
October 31, 2002 3:19:03 AM

I'm actually having the same problem -- does anyone know how to fix this? I haven't even gotten to the windows xp install phase yet.