Free software DVD decoder?

I went to try to play a DVD in my XP pro machine's DVD player which I never used until now and I am apparently missing a software DVD decoder. I built this machine and the DVD drive came with nothing so I guess I have to find one. What is recommended? Are any available for free?
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  1. (maybe its .org or somthing)

    they do "Zoom player" free media program

    then look for decoders, or filters "ffdshow filter" i would expect to do DVD as suposedly it decodes Mpeg2 format but i am not 100% certain on that, however if that doesn't work the website will surly have the right info.

    also one more thing is AC3 filter for sound, this will give you 5.1 channel sound on DVD's if you ahev the gear, it will downmix to 2 channels if you only have 2 speakers. (settigns )

    that will be available at sourceforge do a search for AC3

    hope that helps.


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  2. Strange that the DVD Drive did not come with everything required to run, however, I have noticed graphic cards are usually supplied with them.

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  3. Zoomplayer is an excellent player (the best out there IMO). Although you will need Zoomplayer Pro (not free) to play DVDs. AFAIK, FFDshow or other add-on filters to the free zoomplayer does not enable you to play DVD.

    I have seen a few free DVD players (can't remember their names though). These where really not worth the effort of downloading.
    I would expect that there would come some player with the drive to enable satisfactory playback. Check the disks again.

    If you don't find any, I recommend PowerDVD. Once that is installed, Zoomplayer (the free version) is able to use the playback codecs from PowerDVD. In this way, the free Zoom player is able to playback DVDs if you prefer Zoomplayer.

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  4. yes i use zoom player (the free one) with the power DVD codecs.

    however if you look hard enough, in places like Source forge, or even you will be able to find a codec that will do it that is free.

    such as the AC3 codec that decodes dolby 5.1 channel sound (normally you would pay for a licence from powerDVD or winDVD)


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  5. NO SOUND Video
  6. Try VLC.
  7. Try media player classic.
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