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I might be wrong, but I think there might have a problem with the THG review of the nforce and kt266a chipsets. Near the start of the review, it says that the dual bank memory of the nforce only works if you use two identical DIMMS, and not a third. But the test setup uses one 256 MB DIMM, and 2 128 MB DIMMS. Throughout the benchmarks, the nforce slightly loses, but I think if they had used two identical DIMMS it might have done a bit better. As I said before, I could very well be wrong; could someone fill me in.
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  1. Also, if I recall the Q3a demos have sound disabled. But since one thing the nForce boasts is sound system that uses less CPU cycles, I think it would be nice to see another bench with sound on vs the KT266a with an SBLive! Audigy.
  2. i have built 2 systems with this board, i think they both rock.

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  3. What did you build? Give details? What have you heard about the new 415 nforce? I'm looking to upgrade hopefully without buying a Via product.
  4. msi nforce mobo, 2 sticks of 128 ddr, crucial. 900 duron. quantum 26 gig hd, win xp, every thing went smooth exept for one problem i had with the sound. there is a jumper that is not documented in the origional manual that you have to set to make the sound route to the back plugs or it doesnt work. also, the led and power connectors are not diagramed in the manual, you have to look at the one on the internet.

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  5. Looks like they are not very pro nForce here. Anandtech (especially forum) seems to be a bit hotter about it. :-)
  6. The review of the K7N420 on [H]ard|OCP did not shed the best possible light on the nForce either. That board was running in the SuperStability mode! (Had 3 sticks of 256MB DDR RAM).
  7. Yep, they didn't have much chance there. But above all, in my opinion, nVidia made a strategic error by releasing 420 nForce chipset before 415. Doing the other way round it would certainly be N°1 on AMD market by now.
  8. Yeah, I almost got the 420 to save some dough, but decided a GF3 Ti-200 and a 415-D would be worth the extra dough. But now that I've pretty much settled on not getting a GF4, I'm getting impatient and will probably just get a 8kHA+ instead (I'm waiting until Tuesday just to make sure the GF4 MXs don't rock too much, then I'm ordering :) )
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