Lan connection not working but wireless does

All of a sudden my wired connection quit working my wireless still does, however wireless is not all that strong and I would rather run wired. Before I had no problems now to even get wireless to work the wired has to be disabled. I can ping the router fine, but I can't ping google or any other site.

computer specs
windows 7
quad core q6600
gtx260 video card
4gb of gskill ddr2 ram
gigabyte motherboard with realtek lan built in
creative sound blaster external sound card
1tb hard drive

I know most of the specs shouldn't matter except for the onboard lan but just in case its listed.

although none of these show it but usually when I run the diagnoses it says it cannot contact the dns server, yes I have reset the router, in fact it gets reset fairly often because downloads in the house tend to kill it, but it has all worked fine until now. I tried seeing if a new lan driver messed things up but rolling it back or forward seems to do no good. Any suggestions? has anyone run into this problem with this realtek lan?
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    Do you have a network card or another computer you can test the wired connection?

    I see you seem to have unplugged the power cable to reset the modem and the router but try to press the reset button on the back of the router for at least 45 seconds. Go into the router afterwards and reset the settings in the router to conform with your ISP.

    Issues like this can test your nerves. I just went through a similar issue with my linksys gaming router but it appearss to be fixed now.

    Hope that helps, if not reply and someone will address a second option to try...
  2. there are other computers in the house hooked up to wired running fine, I will try to bring someones laptop to my room to try my particular wire. I wouldn't think the cable is bad being that it can ping the router fine. I don't want to hard reset the router quite yet cause there are eight other people in my house and I am afraid it might mess up thier connections but I might try it later tonight once most of them are asleep. By the way I have 64 bit windows if that matters to anyone.
  3. I would try to get my hands on another wire if nothing else suggested works. It could be the wire and you will want to rule that out ot be positive...
  4. Check your firewall.
  5. What I've had to do in Vista with my pc was to reset both the router and modem, then after that, you can either repair your connection, or disable it in control panel, then re-enable. Try that and see how it works. Also verify that you are actually having a problem with your NIC card and not a bad ethernet cable.
  6. sorry to not have responded right away but apparently what happened was the latest driver said it was installing, and all it did was unpack the zipped folder into another folder on my computer, but it didnt say that it just said it was installing, never ran into this with the previous drivers, then again before I was getting most of them from microsoft update
  7. I don't know how to mark this as solved or if an admin needs to ....
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