Disc with live file system isn't recognized on players after 2nd file

I posted this in the multimedia forum but haven't gotten any replies, thought I would try here.

Since switching to Windows 7, I noticed a new feature when I go to burn a file to a disc, the Life File System. This is great for me, because there are a lot of times when I want to watch a new video every few days, and instead of wasting another CD every time, I could just use a DVD and fit several on there. In theory. I burned the first file to a DVD, everything went fine, I ejected it, watched it on my PS3, all was good. A few days later, I added a second file, put it in my PS3, and the PS3 doesn't even recognize that there's a disc in there. I also tried it in my DVD player and it threw up an error about an unsupported format or something. I put the disc back in my computer, when the window opened showing the contents, I noticed a "Close session" option, I'm pretty sure I didn't do that after I added the 2nd file. I added a 3rd file, then closed the session and ejected it. I thought this would fix the problem, but I still go the same results on the PS3 and the DVD player. Is the disc just messed up because I forgot to close the session after adding that 2nd file? Or am I missing something else? Thanks.
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  1. Quote from Windows 7 help files.
    "Closing a disc session makes the disc compatible with other computers and some consumer electronic devices, such as a CD or DVD player. However, not all discs need to be closed. You only need to close CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R discs. Rewritable discs (which end in RW) don't need to be closed, but they might not work in regular CD or DVD players either. In addition to this, discs that haven't been closed can still be used in other disc burners. However, they can't be used in most CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or BD-ROM drives.
    Some programs might offer to finalize your disc instead of closing the current session. A disc that has been finalized is complete. You can open files from the disc, but you can't add more files or save changes to existing files on the disc. When you burn a CD or DVD using Windows Explorer, the disc is not finalized. You can add more files later on as long as you have space on the disc. Some CD or DVD players can't play a CD or DVD that hasn't been finalized. This capability varies by the make and model of the CD or DVD player."
  2. I'm almost positive I did not close the session after I added the first file. I added it to the disc (which takes a while with LFS), when it was done, a folder with the contents of the disc (the 1 file) was displayed. I ejected the disc, put it in my PS3, and watched the video with no problem. A few days later, I put the disc back in my computer, opened folder to view contents (still just the 1 file), copied over the 2nd video, definitely didn't "close session" this time, ejected it, tried playing it in my PS3 and DVD player and neither worked. Then, before making this post, I added a 3rd file, clicked "close session", which it did, ejected it, still wouldn't play.

    Is it possible that the disc got finalized the first time? I don't remember selecting that option or anything, would Windows 7 built-in burning software do it automatically? Wait, maybe not, if it had been finalized, I wouldn't have been able to add those 2nd and 3rd files, correct?
  3. Any advice/guidance??
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