Abit KT7A Raid IDE Query

Here's a strange one, I'm desperately trying to find out if the Abit KT7A Raid board can be set up in a particular configuration...

I want to have:
IDE Channel 1 - DVD ROM as a master
IDE Channel 2 - LS-120 'floppy' as a master
IDE Channel 3 - Primary Boot HDD as a master
IDE Channel 4 - Secondary HDD as a master

Does anyone know if this sort of set-up is possible?
Even leaving out the LS-120 from the equation, can a DVD or CD ROM reside on Channel 1 as a master and then use Channel 3 and Channel 4 as master HDDs??? I want to run the HDDs at their highest possible ATA rating and that means not being tied to a DVD ROM. It seems even Abit themselves may not know the answer...

Help, please, if you can...
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  1. I would advise that put the hard drives on the first channel, and the other two on the other channel.

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  2. Yes you cab use the onboard RAID controller as normal ATA100 IDE controller and you can set a CDROM as master on its own cable, you only have to select IDE3 or ATA100RAID as booting device (depends on which are the possibilties).
    I have my Abit KG7-RAID set up as following:
    IDE 1
    Master DVDROM
    Slave CDROM
    IDE 2
    Master CDRW
    IDE 3
    Master 20 GB HD RAID 0 array 1
    Slave 15 GB HD
    IDE 4
    Master 20 GB HD RAID 0 array 1
    Slave 6 GB HD.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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