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ok, I just installed mandrake a few days ago, and am having problems with the sound. I have 2 sound cards and it initially set the output to the one I didn't want. I changed the output from dsp to dsp1 in the sound control window. Now all my system sounds work and the 'Test' button works in the sound control window, but no apps output sound. Infact, Totem still outputs to my other sound card! I have rebooted and tried several things. Does anyone have suggestions of what to do?

The sound card I don't want to use is integrated in my motherboard (Nforce 2), and the one I want to use is an SB Audigy 1. (which works with system sounds, but not with apps). I did select the emu10k1 driver for it already.
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  1. You might have to check which output device each application is using, in their setup. It's normal for them to reference /dev/dsp by default.

    I'll take a punt and say you might be able to swap dsp and dsp1 by changing the order they load. Might need to check either Mandrake or Alsa documentation for how to do that...

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  2. I agree with poorboy. It's most likely an application-by-application change you need. To test this start up xmms and look in the options. You should be able to select the sound driver in there (I'm not at my linux machine this week so I can't tell you exactly where). If you select the emu10k1 driver and it works, then you know this is what you have to do for all your apps. I know this is what I had to do with my nforce2 (CRAPPY linux support) and my SB Live! 5.1.

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